Touchless Restroom Experience

AutoFaucetIt’s called the Touchless Restroom Experience

One thing that we all seem to be conscious of these days is the spread of germs.  We all seem to go out of our way to avoid them.  Sometimes we do not realize that most germs are spread by hand contact. 

Of course the public restroom has become the place were most germs are passed.  People go out of there way to avoid touching anything in a public restroom.  With the fear of people not washing their hands after they use the restroom the solution seems to be to not use your hands at all.

It is not all the far fetched. The use of touchless restroom items is the wave of the future. Most public restroom doors are push to open, so there is no hand use there. People can use their forearm or foot to push the door in. Toilets and urinals now have touch-less sensors on them that activate by motion.

They are designed to use less water so they are even considered to be a green product. Soap dispensers have become motion sensors that release soap when you place your hand under the them. And there is also the faucet. Many of us can relate to motion sensor faucet. Hand dryers hand also become touch less. These also prove to be great energy savers as well. Once a person feels that their hands are dry enough, and remove them from under the dryer they cut off.

Before with the button activated dryer they would run for a set time regardless if the persons hands were dry, or not. If the person hit the button for a second time then it would run a full cycle again even it no one is standing there.

Paper towels generate a huge amount of paper waste, and many people seem to have trouble finding the waste can. If there is the paper towel dispenser then people usually use the paper to open up the door when they leave. Items like the Toepener and the StepNPull that allow you to use your foot to open the door have put using your hands to leave the restroom and thing of the past.

But the touch less restroom does not just have to be a public restroom. With technology today people can make their bathrooms in their homes touch-less as well. Touch less faucets are available for homes use. Delta, and Kohler faucets are not only practical, but are stylish also. They come is different finishes to match any bathroom decor, can be activated by a simple touch, or by motion. This is helpful if there are children in the home that have trouble remembering to turn off the water after they are done washing there hands.

Touch-less faucets also meet ADA standards. With the use of a bidet toilet seat, or a bidet attachment to your toilet, the simple touch of a button takes care of cleaning the personal areas.

The era of the touchless restroom has been achieved. Not only do they meet the needs of keeping good hygiene but also help with the going green movement that seems to be on the minds of many of. Touch less restroom items can be found at in our Restroom Convenience section.

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