Using Silicone External Male Catheter Instead of Latex

Freedom Clear Male External Catheter

Urinary incontinence in men could be caused by a variety of issues, like: Old Age, Debilitating Physical Disabilities, Having Suffered Spinal Cord Injury, and Prostate Problems.

Taking The Fear Out Of Ordering Male External Catheters

Male External Catheters that are easy to apply If you are in need of male external catheters, you may be wondering where best to go. It is not the easiest thing to simply ask for – even when talking to your doctor about it you will want it done with discretion. But when it comes to discretion, […]

Getting the best catheter for your needs

What catheter will work best for you? If you suffer from urinary incontinence or know anyone that does, you may realize just how important it is to have the right catheter. Urinary catheters are amazing pieces which allow anyone who suffers from urinary incontinence to really get their lives back on track. Urinary incontinence is a […]

What is a male urinary catheter used for?

Male Urinary Catheter to manage Incontinence Every day, more and more people are being diagnosed with urinary incontinence. This is a condition which affects a large number of people of all ages and both genders, but it is more common in men overall. What is urinary incontinence? This condition is where a person physically cannot […]

An External Catheter with Adhesive Provides a Better Seal

The right fitting external catheter will feel like you are not wearing one When one becomes incontinent and no longer can retain the urine that the body processes, it may be time to search out a catheter. The old method of using a catheter meant that it had to be inserted into the urinary canal […]

Is there danger using a External Catheter for the Male penis?

A proven external catheter for the male The external catheter for the male community has become more convenient to men with urinary incontinence. Urinary incontinence is the damage or loss of muscle control within the bladder that leads to build up or leakage of urine. External male catheters are tubes fitted around the penis to direct and […]

History of Male External Catheters

While there was a time when male incontinence required either internal catheterization or use of bulky, often uncomfortable and highly detectable incontinence pads, for instance, over the years a variety of individuals and companies began to research into different, more convenient and discreet measures to assist sufferers. It had long been known that glider pilots […]

Coloplast Award Winning Conveen Optima

Male urinary incontinence affects millions of men, both young and old, around the world. Although it is a problem that does become more common in older individuals, spinal cord injuries, neurological conditions, prostrate surgery and an array of other medical conditions all represent typical causes of incontinence even in young men. While effectively a health […]