FAQ For TOTO Washlet Bidets


Jasmin S300 WashletWhat actually happens?
Washlet Wand When you press the “cleanse” button, a wand, about the size and shape of a fat pencil (that was previously hidden under the seat) automatically extends, washes itself, and then sprays a carefully aimed aerated stream of water for a few seconds, or until you touch the “stop” button. Then the wand rinses itself off again, and it retracts, out of the way again
Does anything touch me?
No. The only thing that touches you is water …nothing else.

How do I know when I am clean?

The engineers have been perfecting the Washlet for over ten years, and millions of them have been sold. They have plenty of research on exactly what it takes. If you have any doubts, you can always press the cleanse button again or check with toilet paper.
How does the dryer work?
Very much like a gentle blow dryer for your hair. The time and temperature are adjustable for your convenience.
How does the deodorizer work?
It’s NOT a filter, so there’s nothing to change or clean. It works more like the catalytic converter on your car’s exhaust – it actually converts the foul air molecules so that they’re more like fresh air.
Can I flush the toilet “normally’ with a washlet installed?
Yes, although the water supply for the Washlet and the toilet tank is the same, there is plenty of water for both. You can use the Washlet and flush the toilet at the same time, without any problem whatsoever.

How do I know if my bowl is round or elongated?
Older or basic toilets are round – the inside of the toilet bowl is usually about 11 inches around. More modern or deluxe toilets have an elongated bowl that is about 2 inches longer than it is wide… it’s a noticeable difference. If you’re still wondering, you can measure from the two mounting bolts at the seat hinge, to the very front of the toilet bowl. That measurement will be about 16 1/2 inches if the bowl is round, and 18 1/2 inches if your bowl is elongated. For your reference, see the Compatibility Charts for the Washlet S300 (Jasmin) and the Washlet C100 (Chloe).
What colors does the washlet come in?
Look at the color samples below. We have three colors. A pure white that we call Cotton. And a beige that we call Sedona Beige.


What’s the difference between the Washlet S300 (Jasmin) and the Washlet C100 (Chloe)?
Which one should I buy? The Washlet S300 (Jasmin) is the top of the line model, with a wireless remote control, a dryer and deodorizer and a wide variety of cleansing options. It is available in both elongated and round sizes. The Washlet C100 (Chloe) is a more basic unit, which comes in both round and elongated sizes so it fits older toilets, as well as new ones. Instead of a remote control it has a control panel on the side, where an armrest might be.
How easy/difficult it is to install?
Most owners install it themselves – it only requires simple hand tools. But for liability reasons we strongly recommend that you consult a professional plumber or electrician. It’s really simple – loosen the two mounting bolts on your old toilet seat and remove it. Your Washlet bolts into those same two mounting holes. Then we supply, in the box, a water line junction fitting that threads right in to the water line leading to your toilet water tank. The junction valve and connection hose are included with the Washlet. For electricity, you should plug it into a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlet. Many people don’t have a socket near the toilet and they either run an extension cord or have a new GFCI outlet installed behind the toilet. And that’s it! See our Installation Video (6.2 MB) to watch step-by-step instructions


What about electricity, and water…is it dangerous?
It is no more dangerous than any other UL Approved electrical appliance for the kitchen or bathroom.
Can I get burned by the heated seat?
No, the seat temperature is adjustable through a range of 86 degrees F through about 104 degrees F – about the same as your body temperature.
Can I get burned by the dryer?
No, the air is warmed to between 104 degrees F to 140 degrees F – much less than a hair dryer.

What if the water pressure is uncomfortable?

Only with serious inflammation or irritation might the water pressure feel a little too brisk. In that case, the pressure is easily adjustable from the remote, or simply use the “soft” cleanse button.
It’s hard enough to keep a regular toilet clean. How do I clean the washlet? 
It’s actually easier to clean than before, because there’s a quick-release system to the seat and it lifts right off for easy and complete cleaning.

What about the “thing” that comes out (the wand), doesn’t that get dirty? 

The wand head and body are automatically cleaned and sanitized inside the housing before and after each use. It can also clean itself at any other time with a touch of a button on the remote control [or Washlet C100 (Chloe) side panel].
What about the remote control?
The Washlet S300 (Jasmin) comes with a wireless remote control that works just like the one for your TV. There are no wires – it works anywhere in the bathroom. It only needs batteries and it comes with a convenient wall bracket. It controls everything – the most frequently used five buttons are big and easy to read – the functions are clearly marked. Other functions can be set by pivoting the faceplate down, and then you’ll see buttons for energy saver, wand cleaning, deodorizer on/off, water, seat and dryer adjustments. The Washlet C100 (Chloe) does not have remote control, but all the functions are on a control panel that looks like an armrest, at your right hand side.

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  1. DJ says:

    I hear something running in the back ground when I go into my bathroom. Not the water closet room. I just wanted to know if this is normal. My seat has lights self clean remote control. I’m worried that this function will shorten the life of my expensive yet very useful admenity.
    Should I turn the seat off after each use? Or is it ok to leave it on 24/7?

    • BioRelief Support says:

      Hi DJ, you can leave the lights on 24/7 and the battery life will not be affected in a major way. The lights use a very small amount of power.
      We are happy to hear you are enjoying this bidet, it’s THE BEST!

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