What is a Catheter

Freedom Clear Male External CatheterWhat is a catheter?  It is important to understand that there are different types of catheters.  In general terms catheterization is the process of catheterizing someone with a catheter.  Applying or inserting.  Any catheter that is inserted inside that body requires a prescription to purchase, and any catheterization should be performed by a trained professional or an individual that has been trained to catheterize themselves. We have a Learning Center page on our site that addresses the different types of catheters.  This is about an external catheter.

At BioRelief.com we get a number of people calling us trying to find a portable toilet solution for their loved one.  It might be a parent, or a spouse that can no longer care for themselves, or they are scared that if they go out they may not find a restroom in time.  They come across the Stadium Pal, and discover that it is a catheter.  The next question is usually something along the lines of “will they need to be catheterized?”.
The Stadium Pal uses a Male External Catheter that is referred as a condom catheter.  These items are OTC items, or over the counter items, and do not require a prescription to purchase.  They are easy to apply and safe to use.  Male external catheters are rolled on and have an adhesive lining in them so that they adhere to the skin and create a seal that prevents leaking.  Freedom Clear Male External Catheters made by Coloplast come with the Stadium Pal kit.  They are made of silicone that allows the skin to breathe.  These are better for the skin because they do not contain latex.  Some people have reactions to latex catheters.  The catheter connects to a section of tubing, and runs down the length of the leg to a leg bag, or drainage bag.  A flutter valve in the bag prevent any back flow, and a port at the bottom of the bag allows the user to empty it when it is full.  They can simply put their foot on the rim of a toilet bowl and open the valve at the bottom.  Leg bags come in different sizes, but the most popular are the 500 ml (about 16 oz), and the 1000 ml (about 34 oz).  Generally with proper care they can last about several weeks.

This great way for men to be able to go out and not be worried about finding a restroom for fear of having an accident in their pants.  A male external catheter system is sometimes the right solution for men whole have had a prostate procedure.  In actuality the Stadium Pal proves that it is not just about having a portable urinal with you at a sporting event.  It is about giving someone the security and piece of mind to know that they can go out and enjoy events, and travel and not have to worry.  When worn underneath loose fitting pants the Stadium Pal is undetectable and no one will notice they are wearing one

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