Available Alternatives to the Uroclub

Available Alternatives to the Uroclub - Portable Urinals for Golfers

A few years ago, a gag gift made a real splash on the golf course, and that was the Uroclub. The Uroclub was a portable urinal, cleverly disguised as a golf club, so that you can relieve yourself on the course and empty it back to the club house later on. A great product for those with incontinence or bladder issues that need to frequently pee, but what ever happened to the product?

Why was BioRelief Created and How We Help People

Why BioRelief was Created and How We Help Customers - Jeff Luckey's journey

Understanding the human body is important to everybody, and as part of that understanding is knowing that as our bodies age, or when accidents happen, sometimes extra support is needed. Some issues can be embarrassing, and often people will try to ignore them until it’s too late or cause quite the mess; but at BioRelief we believe that education and an array of high quality products can help break the stigma of health issues, and provide solutions for those that need them.

How People have Used BioRelief Products to Improve Their Lives

How People have Used BioRelief Products to Improve Their Lives

Most people don’t think twice when they see certain products, that they are just something that is there and available for people that need them – but, in the hands of those people that need them, they are everything. BioRelief has a whole host of products that are medical in nature and have helped thousands of people get past a medical issue, whether it’s something temporary, or just the new normal now that they are aging or had an onset of issues.

Why Does Good Personal Hygiene Make People Happy?

Why Does Good Personal Hygiene Make People Happy - BioRelief Blog

Personal hygiene is one of the most important parts of our daily lives, and we aren’t the only ones who love it. Spend any amount of time with a house cat and you will notice that they spend more time grooming than anything else. Part of this is because it’s advantageous to stay clean. But part of it is because personal grooming and hygiene feels good. In fact, we know that good personal hygiene has an impact on how we feel and on how people feel about us.

Racing For Relief: New Finnish Findings On Urgency Incontinence

Having Urgency Incontinence can effect your lifestyle According to a recent study by the world’s leading urology journal, European Urology, urgency incontinence is the greatest cause of concern for both men and women.  Urinary issues, including nighttime trips to the bathroom and urgency incontinence, have become increasingly acceptable topics of discussion in recent years as the coinage of […]

First Congress On Underactive Bladder Held By Beaumont

An Underactive Bladder is also a problem Beaumont Health System Urology announced Monday that it will hold the first international congress on underactive bladder conditions in Bethesda, Md., from Feb. 20 to 21. The forum, which will be funded by the National Institutes of Health, will discuss UAB, which affects over 20 percent of the […]

Study Finds Telemonitoring Improved Incontinence Care In Two Weeks

Incontinence Care Study that makes sense A study published in Australia’s Journal of Clinical Nursing last week found that caregivers in nursing homes who used a telemonitoring system for just two weeks were able to drastically improve outcomes for residents suffering from incontinence. Conducted at New South Wales’s Wollongong University, the research for the study […]

Mentor Catheters are now under the Coloplast name

Mentor catheters are now produced by Coloplast which acquired the business of Mentor Urology in 2006. The Coloplast supplies a large percentage of the needs and products for people who are afflicted with urinary retention or incontinence. Coloplast took over the entire Mentor line of catheters in additional to their accessories line. Mentor produced the […]

David Sedaris Stadium Pal Essay

The Stadium Pal has gotten it’s share of publicity since it’s inception in 1998.  Major news media outlets such as USA Today, ABC New.com and Sports Illustrated have all done some type of story on it.  Sometimes it is a serious piece about it and other times comical.  It does almost bring a laugh when […]