Racing For Relief: New Finnish Findings On Urgency Incontinence

Having Urgency Incontinence can effect your lifestyle

According to a recent study by the world’s leading urology journal, European Urology, urgency incontinence is the greatest cause of concern for both men and women.  Urinary issues, including nighttime trips to the bathroom and urgency incontinence, have become increasingly acceptable topics of discussion in recent years as the coinage of the term “over active bladder syndrome” demonstrates. Senior population growth and new and developing treatments have also caused doctors to address these issues more closely.  However, despite the obvious need for greater attention to the topic, there has not yet been a study of these symptoms across men and women of all ages – until now.

 Acknowledging The Problems

The new Finnish study is an ongoing program integrating the experience of both men and women across Finland.  The study has found that the most common causes for discomfort are urinary urgency (rushing to the bathroom), stress incontinence (urine leakage induced by coughing and exercise), nocturia (night time urgency), post-micturition (after dribble), and urgency incontinence (leaking urine on the way to the toilet).  Women report suffering from both types of incontinence while men are more commonly prone to slower and incomplete urination.  Not surprisingly, researchers have found that leaking urine before reaching the toilet is considered the most embarrassing symptom for both men and women. Previous studies have presented results that have left minor symptoms undertreated. The clinical significance of this study is its focus upon the prevalence of the symptoms that most bother the participants. Are you looking for relief from life’s less comfortable moments?  If so, visit us now online at or Call Toll Free at 1-877-782-3675.  

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