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Incontinence Protection

The best selection of incontinence solutions and incontinence protection. Fast shipping and discounted prices for male external catheters, adult underwear, portable urinals, and absorbent pads.

Enjoy FREE SHIPPING on all adult underwear and pads.

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Biorelief - Incontinence and Personal Hygiene products for the entire family - Get relief

External Catheters

Use code BIOCAT5 at checkout for a 5% discount on all external and intermittent catheters.

Male External Catheters

Portable Urinals

Have you ever been stuck in traffic and needed to urinate? Don’t let it happen again.

advantage urinal systems

Portable Toilets

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The Stadium Pal

Discrete #1 solution. The Stadium Pal has been featured on The Big Bang Theory!

Stadium Pal - Discrete Portable Urinal For Men

Nerve Pain Relief

We carry products for senior health care, people with reduced mobility or with special needs. Also, we can help you overcome struggles with diabetes, back pain, or nerve pain.

Reduce nerve-related pain with products like ReBuilder Stimulators, Thera-Med cold packs and more!

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ReBuilder 2407

Portable Urinals

Freedom on the road – This gives me a new freedom in different situations. Makes long distance traveling a piece of cake!

Howard C. / Houston, TX

Thanks again! – Hey guys, it worked great! Thanks for getting them out to me so fast!

Jason A. / Chicago, IL

Love your product! – Thanks for sending the Stadium Pal in such a timely manner. I used my new Pal when I was out on Shasta Lake fishing and after having a couple of sodas, or in my case a couple of cans of my favorite adult beverage, it really came in handy.

Ray H. / Sacramento, CA

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