Bidet Seat and Personal Hygiene

Enjoy the Luxury of the Bidet and Good Personal Hygiene

Enjoy True Intimate Personal Hygiene

Post-Coital Candida and Urinary Infections Reduced through Bidet Use

BB-1000 Bidet Toilet Seat for femine personal hygieneWomen who experience Candida and urinary tract infections frequently may be advised by their doctors that the cause is because of sexual activity. One way to prevent these infections is to be certain to urinate and practice good intimate personal hygiene after sex. These simple precautions can alleviate the need to take repeated prescription medications and rid suffering from pain, itching and discomfort. Body odor, urine smell, and semen are washed away safely and easily.

Every woman has dreamed of owning a bidet to enjoy easy post-coital hygiene, as well as to enjoy the many other benefits. Chances are, however, that the home in which you reside doesn’t have this luxury equipment.

You probably think that the cost of removing traditional toilet equipment and installing a bidet is far beyond your means. You’ll be happy to know that today, products like the, ToTo Washlet, Brondell Swash, and Kohler Bidets are affordable enough that anyone can enjoy the European luxury of a top-quality bidet. You’ll never have to purchase toilet paper again when you practice the intimate personal hygiene provided by this easy to install equipment.

Bidet Toilet Seats are also great for people that have experienced colon cancer or had colon surgery, or other reasons that result in loose bowel movements. The posterior wash of this product provides a gentle, aerated stream of warm water that cleanses the buttocks and anal area.

More luxury bidets have three different washes — posterior, feminine, and enema — are remotely controlled and each uses a separate nozzle. The water streams are all gentle, adjustable and the temperature is adjustable to four different settings. The nozzles are self-cleaning and can be set for feminine and posterior oscillation to clean a broader area of the body.

Warm air is provided to dry your private parts after cleansing. The air temperature is easily adjusted with five choices. Even more luxury is provided by BioBidet’s heated toilet seat which has settings, including off. The seat has an ‘occupied’ sensor and automatic deodorization begins as soon as someone is seated and ends one minute after the seat is no longer occupied. The long-lasting filter is crafted to last for seven years. Pulsating wash settings provide a massage wash if desired. The water pump is very low noise and three power management settings allow you to conserve electricity.

The bidet toilet seats are made to fit most toilets that are round or oval and is available in white or ivory. It can, in most cases, be installed in as little as 20-30 minutes and all required parts are included. The four-foot long cord allows it to be plugged into a nearby electric outlet, so you probably won’t need a plumber or electrician.

The Bidet Toilet Seats are perfect for the elderly, handicapped, or anyone that has difficulty with intimate body order, urine smells, loose bowels, or other physical problems. Even children, with proper training and supervision, can use the bidet. The remote control makes keeping genital areas comfortable and prevents embarrassment.

So, if someone in your household experience Candida and urinary tract infections, or simply wants to practice improve intimate personal hygiene, an item like the BB-1000 is the right solution. If you ask a question to urologists about personal cleansing, you’ll learn that bidets are not simply luxury items, but much healthier.

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