Benefits of using a Bidet

Environmental Benefits of Using a Bidet

Did you know that the average American uses 57 sheets of toilet paper per day? That’s 20,805 sheets per year or more than 50lbs. For each and every American! That adds up to more than 100,000,000 rolls of toilet paper per day or from an environmental perspective, more than 15,000,000 trees a year! That’s truly amazing because American’s only comprise of 7 percent of the world’s population but consume almost half of the world’s toilet paper products.

The Natural Resources Defense Council says that it takes about 6lbs. of wood, 1.30g of calcium carbonate, 85g of sulfur, 40g of chlorine and about 1,000 gallons of water to make just 2lbs of conventional toilet paper. The manufacturing of toilet paper uses large amounts of energy, water, and toxic chemicals that in turn generates vast amounts of air and water pollution and solid waste.

If every household in the U.S. saved just one roll of 500 sheet toilet paper, we could save 297,000 trees! Just think how many rolls of toilet paper you’ll save by choosing a bidet for your daily personal hygiene? You will certainly be doing your part in saving American’s forests, 1 tree at a time!

The health benefits of the bidet toilet seat.

Water is the real motivation behind using a bidet.   Because of it’s cleansing power with warm water, a bidet gently targets water towards the perineum area.   Once a person a finished relieving themselves the natural warm water instantly and thoroughly cleanses the area reducing the chance of bacteria to germinate which in turn eliminates the risk of infection.   An electric bidet has a warm aerated water stream that has changeable water pressures for men and women.   No need for soaps, toilet paper with harsh wiping.   With a bidet you get cleaned instantly.

Why Toilet paper is not the answer.

Dry toilet paper can not clean your delicate surfaces effectively.   The use of dry paper can lead to irritation, and never clean you completely which over time can cause bacteria growth and infections.   Paper is just a good way to spread around bacteria that can lead to hemorrhoids, and possibly bladder, and urinary tract infections.   Continuing to clean with dry paper will only lead to irritation of these sensitive areas, along with increased bleeding and itching of the affected area.   This scenarios do not happen to everyone, but many can relate to the problems that dry toilet paper can lead to.

Why hands free is the answer.

To start almost 80% of all infectious diseases are passed by human contact.   Estimates are that 50% of people washing their hands after using the facilities, and many of them do it incorrectly.   So if you don’t have to use your hands at all then there is less chance of passing or coming in contact with a virus.   A Bidet does all the cleansing hands free.   This decreases, and can eliminate the chance of germs from urine and feces to multiply by contact with surfaces, and contact with others.

Benefits for Female Hygiene

Bidets are a great way to leave a women feeling confident, secure, refreshed, and completely clean.   The warm gentle water flow has various settings that allow a comfort that is suitable to the woman’s needs.   The warm cleansing water is beneficial during menstruation, or after intercourse.   The warm water cleansing is a good way to help alleviate the problems that occur after pregnancy, such as rashes, constipation, and the soreness and bleeding that come from diarrhea and hemorrhoids.

Benefits for Male Hygiene

Using a bidet if you are man can leave you feeling confident, secure, refreshed, and completely clean.   A warm cleansing along with the air dryer allows for a hands free encounter.   Bidets are a great way to help alleviate the problems associated with soreness from hemorrhoids, rectal itching, and constipation.

Benefits for Children’s Hygiene

Children are always catching colds, and are prone to viruses because they always seem to be getting into something that is dirty, or unclean.   A bidet is even gentle enough that a child can use it.   The proper supervision of an adult is necessary, but it is a good way to install at an early age the importance of good personal hygiene that can allow them to grow up with out the problems that many adults have to deal with today.

 Benefits for Senior Citizens Hygiene

Bidets have many advantages for seniors.   Because it is a hands free device, it is know no longer necessary to have to need of a care giver for those moments when they may feel ashamed.   This will allow seniors to have that feeling of confidence, and dignity that they will not require the need of a assistance when they need to clean up.   The warm water relaxing cleaning of the rectal area, and dry air cleaning with no need for toilet, and the need of assistance will give them the self-confidence that they have once lost.

Benefits for the Hygiene of the Disabled, or Handicapped

Because a bidet is hands free it has excellent benefits for those who are handicapped or disabled.   Their self-confidence is once restored know that they can use the restroom without having someone to clean up after them.   The warm water cleanses the rectal area, followed by the warm air dryer, so there is no need for toilet paper.

Enema Hygiene

Another benefit of an electronic bidet is that it can offer an enema wash feature. This is not the same as a medical enema.   What it does is allow the user to get an even more thorough cleaning of the rectal area than a normal posterior wash.   Preferred mostly during constipation, or diarrhea it provides a stream of warm water that is painless that goes directly to the rectum into the lower colon.   For the few moments that the warn water is in your lower colon it is loosening hard feces from the walls of the colon, and is then defecated back into the toilet.   Helping to bring regularity back into your life.

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