Aqua Wash Glove Provides Waterless Sanitizing for Patients and those with Disabilites

Cleanis Aqua Wash GloveAqua Wash Glove can be used on those who have water fears


The Aqua Wash Glove was created for waterless bathing and protects the skin from the damage caused by the increased use of soap. It is easy to use, perfect for traveling and is ready to use. There is no use for soap, water or moisturizing cream.

The Aqua Wash Glove has been created to suit the most sensitive skin, including babies, and also people who are unable to leave their wheelchair or bed. The waterless bathing solution is also popular among nurses, who complete the daily washing of bed-ridden patients. As the wash glove is developed to save time and reduce the risks of infection. Nurses don’t have to pack a whole personal cleaning bag for patients, and they face less resistance, as the process takes much less time.

As there are many patients who already use a wash glove for hygienic cleaning, -temporarily or permanently- there has been a huge demand on the market for an easier solution and hygienic waterless bathing. There is a lot of work involved in providing care for a patient; from bathing to dressing, washing clothes and making sure all the used sanitary equipment are kept hygienically clean. The Aqua Wash Glove reduces the workflow of full time caregivers and nurses, as it helps them use less water, protect the skin, reduce the use of water and safely dispose the cleansing aids.

There are no hand towels or any other wash gloves needed for the waterless bathing; there are no more huge laundry piles to be washed at the highest temperature. As the Aqua Wash Glove comes in a pack of 12, it is also helping caregivers save money.

The wash glove can also be microwaved to provide comfort and match the right skin temperature; protecting the skin and avoiding inconvenience. Cleanis says that they developed the product to make washing easier and more hygienic. The Aqua Wash Glove waterless bathing solution is not only saving time, but takes care of the budget of the patient’s caregiver as well.

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