Benefits of Massage for Seniors

Massage for seniors is becoming more and more popular because the benefits are so varied. With many seniors having to take medication daily, adding another pill to treat an ailment is not appealing when the problem can often be resolved through therapeutic massage treatments performed by certified licensed professionals.

As a person ages, joints become less mobile and often arthritis sets in. Massage, by improving mobility and flexibility can reduce or totally relieve the lack of flexibility. The pain of arthritis can be treated by massage and spa technique such as hot wax dips followed by range-of-motion massage therapy. Many seniors say that massage therapy works better for arthritis and joint stiffness than any pill they’ve ever taken.

Many seniors suffer from diabetes or reduced circulation to the lower limbs from other causes. Massage therapy improve circulation, often saving limbs from amputation. The improved overall circulation provides additional energy to live a healthier lifestyle.

After life-saving surgery, therapeutic massage can help seniors get back their mobility and heal much more quickly. Because muscles may be severed during surgery, healing can be quite slow. However, the increased circulation and specific treatment applications provided by a professional masseur can speed the healing process significantly once your medical doctor determines it is safe to begin these treatments.

Minor muscle injuries such as sprains and strains can make mobility difficult for the older adult. Massage therapies can help these injuries heal at amazing speed, allowing the elder person to regain their normal lifestyle.

It is so important for seniors to remain as active as possible to maintain their health. The overall sense of well-being provided by therapeutic massage helps motivate seniors to improve other aspects of their lives such as diet, exercise, and general health care.

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