How To Do Daily Kegel Exercises

Kegel Exercises Improve your Well-Being and Train Your Pelvic Muscles

Kegelmaster assists with kegel exercisesThe pelvic floor supports the uterus and as they get weaker, incontinence can occur. The good news is that an increasing number of incontinence patients are realizing that in some cases there is no need for medical treatment or surgery: Kegel exercises are able to restore the strength in the pelvic muscles and improve people’s ability to hold urine.

As women and men age, muscles weaken. Fewer hormones are produced by the body, and if pelvic floor muscles are not exercised, they will become weak. Another thing making these muscles lose their flexibility is giving birth. After women give birth, they will realize that their urine functions and holding abilities are not the same. This is because of the extra weight that has created extra pressure on the uterus for months. This condition can be reversed by starting a routine of Kegel exercises.

The condition associated with extra pressure in the uterus and pelvic area is called pelvic prolapse. It can cause leakage, extra pressure or even difficulties to urinate. It can also prevent women from reaching orgasm because of the loose muscles. If the muscles are not strong enough, the urine will not be perfectly squeezed out, and you can end up with some infections.

When you get started with Kegel exercises, you will first need to locate the right muscles. You can insert a finger or a safe object into your vagina and try to squeeze it. When you start feeling the tightness, it will mean that your pelvic floor moves up. Another method of finding the right muscles is to try to stop the urine while urinating. You can do this multiple times a day, and you will see great results. All you need to do is to remember to stop the flow two-to three times a time.

After you have located the pelvic muscles, you can set up a daily Kegel exercise routine. Do not miss out on stopping your flow of urine daily. You can spend five minutes a day to lie down with empty bladder and try to squeeze the muscles for 10 seconds, then releasing them again. This can be repeated multiple times, and there is no limit to how long you should keep on doing the Kegel exercises.

If you are used to the routine, you should start focusing on doing the Kegel exercises perfectly. Keep on focusing on the pelvic muscles and ensure that you are not tightening the muscles in your abdomen. You should also breathe naturally, to get the best results. Experts say that the best effects can be achieved if you keep on repeating the Kegel exercises three times a day. Obviously, you will need to adjust the routine to your needs and daily schedules. You will also need to visit the doctor with your incontinence problems, to find out if there is no other reason for your problem (i.e. nervous system, infection and irritation). The success is up to you, but the time it will take to improve your muscles will also depend on how serious the problem is. The good news: practicing Kegel exercises is risk-free and does not cost you a penny.


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