Freedom Clear Sport Sheath Male External Catheter


Available in 4 different sizes, and quantities. The Freedom Clear Sport external male catheter is made of 100% silicone that is highly breathable.  An ultra-thin sheath makes it more comfortable and better for the skin.


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The Sport Sheath male external catheter is designed to roll completely onto the penis practically eliminating the roll at the base.  When a penis retracts it can sometimes push the catheter off.  If extra material is still at the base of the penis the catheter will naturally try to roll back itself back up when retraction occurs.  Without the extra roll it will stay in place and not come off on its own.

Sport Sheath also means Short Sheath.  Some men that have a retracted penis cannot keep a condom catheter on when retraction occurs.  The Sport Sheath is also for men who just do not what the extra amount of roll left over on a standard catheter.  The amount of roll on the Sport Sheath is about 2 inches.

The Freedom Clear SS is available in 4 catheter sizes.  Small. Medium, Intermediate, and Large.

It is recommended that the skin should be cleaned with a mild soap that does not contain moisturizers.

How to choose catheter size

The determine the correct size male catheter use our measurement guide.  Print out the PDF file and cut out the half circles.  Then rest the guide across the penis while it is in a normal state. See what size it best fits into.  If you think that you are in between 2 sizes choose the smaller size.  If you feel there is any pressure you can use a blunt pair of scissors to snip the base of the catheter.  That will alleviate some of the tightness you may experience.

Removing the Male External Catheter

A male external catheter should roll off the same way it was put on.  If you experience difficulty removing the catheter use some warm water and mild soap while in the shower.  That usually takes care of it.  If there is adhesive residue, or you still experience a problem the use of a adhesive remover will help.

For Men who have sensitive skin

If it is still difficult the use of a Skin Barrier may help. When applied to the skin before you apply the catheter it leaves it feeling tacky.  This is what we like to call a “fake skin” or a fake layer of skin.  The barrier protects your skin from the adhesive inside the sheath of the catheter.  So the adhesive only comes in contact with the skin barrier and not your skin. The skin barrier is easily removed with warm water and soap.

Additional information

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Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in
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    It doesn’t,t work when sitting down, unless I’m doing something wrong.

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    I appreciate the postal service

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    Easy to put on. Comfortable. Never a leak.

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    I am impressed with your product. I appreciated the many hints and instructions with the product, Stadium Pal.
    Just a comment or two from me would be…
    *When one is hunting or fishing, the great outdoors offers plenty of opportunity to relieve oneself as other animals do. I personally wouldn’t bother with the Stadium Pal if it was for roaming the outdoors! 😉

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