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The Freedom Cath is a 100% Latex external male catheter. The soft latex has a double-thick bulb and stem prevent kinking and twisting of the catheter. The stretchable latex will expand if an erection occurs, and will stay secure during normal everyday use.

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Because the Freedom Cath Male External Catheter is latex it is more porous. The adhesive lining inside the catheter does not seem as strong as with the silicone models. Some men prefer this style of male catheter because it makes the removal of the catheter much easier.

The disadvantage of this catheter is that it is 100% latex. Some men may experience a rash due to the latex. The latex is also a thicker material than the silicone catheters, so they may notice the wearing of it.

If you experience a rash from using this style of male catheter we suggest that you stop using it, and switch to a silicone style like the Freedom Clear male catheter, or the Conveen Optima. These male external catheters are safe to use for almost all men.

To assist with the removal of the silicone catheters for men who find the adhesive aggressive we suggest using a Skin Barrier before applying the catheter. By using a Skin Barrier you create what we like to call a fake layer of skin between the male catheter and the skin. So the adhesive inside the catheter is not coming in contact with the skin, but the barrier itself. The Skin Barrier is easily removed with regular soap and warm water. The same skin barrier can also be used with the Freedom Cath.

The Freedom Cath are available in 4 sizes. Small, Medium, Intermediate, and Large.

It is recommended that the skin should be cleaned with a mild soap that does not contain moisturizers.

How to choose a catheter size

To determine the correct size of male external catheter needed use the sizing guide we have provided. Print this PDF file out, and cut out the half circles. Rest it across the penis while in a relaxed state. If you see that are you in between 2 sizes we suggest that you size down. Once the catheter is rolled on and in place you can use a blunt pair of scissors to snip the roll at the base of the catheter to release any pressure you may feel.

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6 reviews for Freedom Cath Male External Catheter from Coloplast

  1. Raymac

    Traveling a lot cross country, this allows me to not make s frequent stops. Love the whole line of products.

  2. Dave

    I had better results with this catheter. It did not stretch nearly as much as the one I used before. Secure fit but easier to remove.

  3. Stu

    Went on a long road trip -4 800 kms. Worked like a bomb especially in the light of the fact that I recently had surgery and had to “go” on the hour. 🙂

  4. Leaky

    I have been using these catheters for some time and this is what I have found – they work very well and are good for extended use up to three days. Beyond that the adhesive breaks down and there is a chance of a leak. The catheters are made of what looks like latex and has a fine powder in the part that attaches to the collection hose. An alcohol prep rolled up to swab out the powder there helps assure a secure attachment. If using this continually, hygiene is a must! At least two collection bags should be used in rotation while the unused bag/hose is flushed out then filled with mild bleach/water until used again. Save the plugs supplied with your new bag to cap off the hose during sanitation.

  5. AVINASH (verified owner)

    It is my first time purchasing from this company and I am very satisfied with all aspects of this transaction, I would definetly be a purchasing again.

  6. Thomas (verified owner)

    I’m very active in my retirement and this product has allowed be to maintain my active life while eliminating embarrassing accidents I was having with alternative solutions. Deliveries are timely and the packaging is discreet. I will continue to use your service.

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