Womens Health and Toilet Paper

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Oh, the joys of toilet paper! No, really, there are times when an individual simply can’t win. For women in particular, toilet paper can present a minefield of possible complications.

There we are, desperately avoiding the scratchy, unkind varieties of toilet paper that have us getting sore and itching so much it drives us mad just by looking at them. What happens?

That comfortably soft, sweet smelling toilet tissue we invested in to preserve both our dignity (who likes to scratch unmentionable places in public?) and our sanity not only causes an allergic reaction – itching just as much as the cheaper paper – it disintegrates at the first sign of dampness.

So now we are not only faced with soreness and a spotty rash, we also have bits of paper floating about in places no paper should be allowed to go. Once there, they proceed to cause more itching. Dare we use more paper to try and catch them before they get too deeply into the folds and hidden places?

Not to mention that dreadful embarrassment when we go to our annual visit to the gynecologist. This is bad enough anytime, but being informed that we may have a yeast infection, which then turns out to be a slowly degrading piece of our favorite toilet paper we’ve missed simply is not funny in any way.

As if all this wasn’t bad enough, we take the risk of possibly spreading infections from one place to another every time we wipe ourselves. We do, naturally, take great care to only wipe in the right direction. Ultimately, however, where female anatomy is concerned, space is at a premium and sometimes one-way traffic can not be guaranteed.

Having to have a bath or shower every time we visit a restroom simply is not on. Wet wipes may be a temporary solution, but they, too, can cause our sensitive skin to erupt in spots and sores.

Use soft cotton cloths, someone suggested. Well, yes, no chemicals there; they don’t disintegrate – apart from the odd bit of fluff or a thread escaping – but they still don’t remove the threat of infection and then they need to be washed.

Ladies, for perfect personal hygiene, leaving us feeling fresh, clean and free from danger of soreness, allergies and free-floating bits of paper or fluff, there is only one solution: using a bidet.

The gentle jets of water provided by a bidet will ensure every nook and cranny of our most sensitive areas are thoroughly cleaned without all the dangers of using toilet paper or wet wipes.

Streams of warm air then dry the area, ensuring that no soreness can develop through left-over dampness. What more can be said?

Go on, be kind to yourselves and invest in a bidet. There is nothing quite like the confidence of knowing you are clean, fresh and dry. The health benefits using a bidet provides for a woman, as well as for men and children, of course, can’t be stressed enough.

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