Why Do I Need An Air Purifier?

Air purifiers are the best way to clean your air indoors, which can be polluted and full of triggering particles like pollen and dust. They also help maintain a healthy environment by removing pet dander, mold spores, ragweed and more. 

There are specific needs:

  • Allergies: If you have allergies, you should choose an air purifier designed for allergy relief. They typically have multiple filters, including HEPA filters, to remove indoor allergens. 
  • Asthma: If you suffer from asthma or if your symptoms are triggered by odor and chemical pollutants, you’ll want to consider an asthma air purifier or an odor and chemical air purifier. These air purifiers contain added odor and chemical filtration as well as HEPA filters for allergen particle removal.
  • Smoke: Smoke air purifiers are specifically designed to remove smoke, fireplace soot, and other associated fumes that could aggravate existing respiratory conditions or cause unpleasant odors in your environment.
  • Pets: Select air purifiers are designed specifically for handling pets, they remove pet dander, odors, and hair. 
  • Chemical Sensitivities: If you are extremely sensitive to chemicals, you might consider an air purifier for multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS). These models contain even more odor and chemical filtration and are often manufactured with materials that will not off-gas chemicals into the air and aggravate your symptoms. 

At BioRelief you can experience True HEPA purification coupled with granulated carbon filtration and Intelligent Ion Technology. Horizon not only clears the air of irritants like pet dander, pollen, and mold but it also traps and dissolves harmful gases, vapors, and VOCs. Have more information here!

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