An Introduction to Portable Camping Toilets

Family Camping Happy and Comfortable with Portable Camping Toilet

What to Look for When Shopping for Portable Camping Toilets

Enthusiastic campers want to make their stay in the wild as enjoyable and pleasant as possible. For many people, having a great solution for taking care of bathroom needs can take camping from a good experience to a great one. If you’re a camper who has wondered about your options for taking care of your bathroom needs away from home, here is some helpful information about portable camping toilets.

Types of Portable Camping Toilets

They range from sealable, single-use containers approved for trash disposal by the EPA to toilets that chemically break down waste. Some camping toilets are appropriate for long term use. In fact, they often used in the aftermath of natural disasters, by displaced people like refugees, and professional hikers. You can even buy portable camping toilets that come with their own privacy tents, for example the Go Anywhere Total System. Generally, you’ll spend the least if you choose the simplest solution that you believe will meet your needs. Should you find yourself spending more time in the great outdoors, you can always upgrade to a more sophisticated system later. There are many products to address your needs out in the wild, check out all camping and travel toilets.

Components of Portable Toilets

  • Single-use disposable containers are like sturdier versions of the zipper bags you store food in.
  • Some contain absorbent polymers that turn bodily fluids into an odorless gel.
  • You can buy portable toilets that are similar to 5-gallon buckets fitted with disposable liners and a comfortable seat on top.
  • Flushable outdoor toilets will have piston pumps, bellows, holding tanks, and waste tanks, as well as seat covers and carrying handles for convenience.
  • Chemical outdoor toilets don’t have flushing mechanisms, but have chemicals that safely break down waste.

Things to Consider

When you are shopping for a portable toilet for camping, you should consider:
  • How long you will be using it. You’ll shop differently for an overnight trip as opposed to a two-week adventure.
  • How far you’ll have to carry the equipment. Size and weight of outdoor toilets are critical factors to consider. You may not appreciate the luxury of an elaborate system if you have to carry it a long way in difficult conditions.
  • If your portable toilet will be kept in an enclosed area for an extended period (like for the drive home), you’ll want one with a sealed valve mechanism or some other way to keep the holding tank sealed off.

The Importance of Ease of Maintenance

Also, consider ease of cleaning and maintenance when you choose portable toilets or any camping equipment. If it’s a hassle to clean or maintain, you may end up leaving it at home and digging a latrine, so be aware of your own limits when it comes to cleaning and maintenance chores. Choosing the right camping toilet can make a real difference in your enjoyment of the great outdoors. Take your time and research your options, and when you’re ready, you can conveniently find a variety of products to fit your needs from outfitters like, which offers a range of camping and travel supplies.

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