What is the proper way to clean after a bowel movement?

There are better ways to clean after a bowel movement

Bidet Toilet Seat is a better way to clean after a bowel movementEveryone has a solution to clean after a bowel movement and most people will choose a method that is the most comfortable for them. The truth is there is no right or wrong way of doing so, as long as the method you choose is suitable for you. It’s purely down to personal preference when it comes to personal hygiene matters and we can only advise effective methods.

The most important factor is to choose a method that will give you a thorough clean because if the anal area is not completely clean afterwards, it can lead to further problems occurring. Not everyone will experience problems though, as some people are more sensitive than others but I think most people can relate to having experienced something during their lives.

If your underside is not effectively clean after bowel movements it can lead to all kinds of uncomfortable conditions. Puritus Ani otherwise known as ‘Anal itch’ is a quite common example, the condition is a really irritating itchy sensation. This condition is merely a sign that stool may have been left on the skin around the anal opening and has caused irritation, or rash on the other hand it could have been caused by intense cleaning of the anal area like aggressive scrubbing and rubbing or by using soaps and skin cleansers. To help minimize or prevent such conditions, it is advised that the anal area should be cleansed after bowl movements with water, a wet cloth or wet toilet paper (unscented or dye free) and good luck holding it together.  Not the best option. The anal area should only ever be blotted not rubbed or scrubbed and never use soaps to clean the sensitive anal area. Water alone is enough to the job.

If you are using public toilets and your options are limited you may not have water readily available, in this case it is advised to use the dry toilet paper but remember to only ever blot the area. Dry toilet paper is convenient but not the most effective way to clean and it is advised that we should remember to finish off our cleansing regimes when we return home.

Many societies have different methods to cleaning after bowel movements and most of us have been conditioned from child hood to follow a particular regime. Some cultures use a bottle with a spout (resembling a watering can) that is filled with water and used to wash their undersides along with their left hands. The thought of following this particular method can be mortifying to some but poor people may not have a choice. Other props which are known to have been used are anything from sponges, to towels to wet wipes and let’s not forget the bidet. The bidet has been around for years and these days we see are more advanced Bidet toilet seat that simply replaces your existing toilet seat now.

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