Wearable Urinals │ The Ultimate COVID-19 Personal Hygiene Tool

Nobody likes to use public restrooms and now that COVID-19 is taking a toll, the thought of using a public restroom is scarier than ever. Did you know there is a way to get around using public restrooms right now while maintaining the good hygiene you need? Stadium Pal and Stadium Gal are portable urinal kits that let you relive yourself in privacy without having to compromise social distance.

Public restrooms - use portable urinals to avoid public toilets

What is Stadium Pal/Stadium Gal?

These Stadium Kits are discreet urinary pouches that are easily concealed under clothing. They are comprised of a catheter and pouch. A protective barrier prevents odors from escaping and the pouches are strong, durable, and leak proof.

Stadium Pal is the kit for men. It includes seven male external catheters, an 18″ flexible hose with connector, two latex free straps, and a pee bag to collect the urine. Stadium Gal is the kit for women. It is the adapted Stadium Pal kit, refined to be comfortable and effective for the female body.

Urinary pouches are not a new concept

Urinary pouches have been part of the healthcare system for many years. The pouches are used by people with medical conditions that compromised their ability to get to a restroom when needed. However, in recent years, wearable urinals have gained popularity among those that have to sit/ride/stand for long hours without access to a bathroom. People that get relief with a urinal kit include:

  • Long distance motorcycle riders
  • Paragliders
  • Professional gamers
  • Festival participants
  • People at big sporting events

Stadium Pal/Gal and COVID-19

Hygiene is vitally important during the pandemic, and so is social distancing. Yet the need to use a washroom never goes away. This puts many people in a terrible position right now. To help you maintain the distance you need – and for the bladder relief you also need – here is how Stadium Pal and Stadium Gal are helping people during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Frontline workers

To avoid cross contamination, some medical personnel cannot remove their PPE once suited up in it for the day. That means, no bathroom breaks. Wearable urinals bring relief and dignity to those working hard on the front lines.

The immunocompromised

If your immune system is not optimal, you are at a higher risk of COVID-19 complications. Yet, it can be impossible to remain in complete isolation. You may be an essential worker or have to get groceries. A personal urinal kit means you can avoid one of the most unhygienic public places – bathrooms. Stadium Pal and Stadium Gal allow you to get through your day without touching a public restroom surface.

Those with incontinence

The sad fact is, long-term care homes are stressed to the limit right now. COVID-19 is hitting these facilities hard and staffing numbers are down. Many seniors need assistance to make it to the restroom, but with little staff on hand, accidents are happening. Urinary pouches return dignity to those that suffer from incontinence and can ease the burden on care workers.

Stadium Pal/Gal has been around for many years and started as a wearable urinal for people that loved big festivals, sporting events, and long hours of professional gaming. Our product grew in popularity as the perfect tool for long-distance riders/drivers, extreme sport enthusiasts, and as those with incontinence issues took notice. Now, with COVID-19 doing damage across the nation, wearable urinals can greatly help reduce exposure risk and greatly increase the comfort of our hardworking first responders.

Visit StadiumPal.com to learn more, to order your kit, and to see the other products we offer.

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