Ways to help reduce infection in hospitals

A bedpan liner can help reduce infections in hospitals

Bedpan Liners reduce infections in hospitalsIn hospitals viruses are easily spread from person to person as hospitals are hotbeds for bacterial mutations. Many vulnerable people become infected because many different strains of virus are thrown together with so many doses of antibiotics, vastly accelerating the chances of new strains forming. Some new strains of bacteria will often build up a power or resistance to antibiotics and it’s usually those that have survived the treatment or when a patient has failed to finish the course, this is why it is always very important to finish off a course of antibiotics.

Approximately 2 million patients each year acquire infections in hospitals such as MRSA, Norovirus and H1N1 virus as a direct result of receiving treatment in care, it has become so critical that hospitals are now required to report infection rates to the department of health and human services. Therefore it is extremely vital that hospitals take all precautionary measures possible to help safeguard a patient’s health and incentives to maintain this are now being rewarded by medical reimbursement. Financial gains are awarded to the hospitals with the lowest hospital acquired infection rates. When sick or injured people go into hospital they expect to get better, not worse! Many patients are now paying close attention to infection rates in hospitals when choosing where to have treatment or procedures performed, and who can blame them?

It is commonly known that contaminated fecal matter can cause transmission of diseases which is easily passed on from person to person in hospital. Regular hand washing is one way of helping reduce the risks but as hospitals are busy places washing alone is never enough. Hospitals are being called for greater safety and sanitation to help reduce the risks and many are already seeking benefits from making small changes.

For example,

The use of Bidets Toilet Seats in hospitals can prevent health problems because they are hands-free devices which means that a patient is less likely to be accidentally soiled or to come in contact with any bacteria. The Less a patient comes into contact with bacteria, the less chances of cross contamination onto other surfaces and the less chances of infecting anyone else.

Gel max pouches are handy little inventions that basically solidify liquids for easy disposal. They are safe, effective and very simple. Basically any contamination is trapped within the pouch reducing the risk of germs spreading. For the nurses it makes handling safer and cleaner.

Liners for bedpans and commodes are great. Many patients in hospital are bedridden and require the use of a bedpan or commode and the risk of splashes and soiled sheets are highly likely.  A liner to fit bedpan or commode includes an absorbency towel to solidify liquids and can be quickly closed eliminating odors and trapping bacteria after use.

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