Use Wet-Stop3 To Resolve Your Child’s Bed-Wetting Without Embarrassment

Put an end to bedwetting by using a Wet-Stop3

Wet-Stop3Potty training is a daunting task, especially if your little one is prone to wetting the bed at night. Nighttime bed-wetting can be related to many different factors and can affect social life, stress levels and sleep patterns in for both your child and you. To help your child overcome the trouble of wetting the bed, consider using an alert system at night.

The Wet-Stop3 is a training sensor and alarm that will recognize moisture and wake the child in time for them to make it to the bathroom. The sensor can detect very minimal wetness, so depending on how you set it, the alarm will either vibrate or ring aloud to wake your child. There is no longer a need to replace the sheets in the middle of the night or do a full clothing change, although dry underwear may be necessary.

A sticker reward system is also included with the program to help give positive feedback and motivational encouragement while simultaneously decreasing the bedwetting action. The reward system and quiet vibration sensor setting are a sensitive way to help your child overcome the struggle of bedwetting without embarrassment or guilt.

If your child struggles with potty training or nighttime bed-wetting, call BioRelief, Inc. today at 1-877-782-3675 to talk about the Wet-Stop3 bed-wetting system.


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