Use A Bidet To Cut Environmental Waste And To Meet Elderly Needs In The Bathroom

Use a bidet to achieve a new level of personal hygiene

use a Bidet Toilet SeatNot many home or public bathrooms in America are equipped with both a toilet and a bidet, but with the advancement of technology, both are no longer required to have the benefit of each device. Bio Relief offers bidet toilet seats that offer the same services as a bidet without having to equip your home with the extra machine.

Bidets are a very popular personal cleaning device in Asia and Europe, but many Americans have never used one, even though the advantages are quite tremendous. Americans use about 34 million rolls of toilet paper each day. The trees it takes to keep up with the demand for TP, as well as the chemicals and industrial waste that it takes to make and break down toilet paper in our sewer systems are a huge environmental problem.

Bidets are able to cut down on energy use and waste, as well as provide a system that is easy for the elderly and disabled to use. The Swash 300 is a hygienic bidet toilet seat that can attach to your existing toilet and works with the push of a button, so individuals who aren’t able to properly clean themselves are able to use the bathroom privately in spite of their impairment.

To learn more about bidet toilet seats or other home health care equipment, call Bio Relief today at 1-877-782-3675.


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