Uriwell: The Ultimate On-the-Go Potty Training Solution

Something that every parent must go through with their child is the monumental and important task of potty training. Parents that have gone through it know that the potty-training ages are wrought with accidents, and sometimes stubborn children that are scared of the toilet or just don’t want to do it. Of course, there are also children that are unable to use normal toilets, or fully potty train due to physical or cognitive ability differences, and those parents require a bit more creativity when it comes to potty training, especially when traveling.

For those looking for a different method of toilet training than traditional methods, the children’s unisex urinal, Uriwell, from Bio Relief is a great solution. By using a unisex urinal, you can do potty training in less conventional ways, without even needing a full toilet for the process.

Uriwell Portable Urinal - Expandable Urinal

Potty Training with a Difference

While standard methods of potty training will use special seats either standalone or designed to fit over the toilet, they aren’t ideal for every child, and a unisex urinal may be a good alternative.

A portable urinal you see used in care facilities and hospitals, though, are rather sterile looking and may even scare a child, so that is where the children’s unisex urinals come in. Being designed for children is the top priority for these types of portal urinals, so they come in fun colors and fun character designs to make the experience more enjoyable and stimulating for the child.

Potty Training on the Go

Not all children can use toilets for long periods of time, and sometimes you may be stuck in a situation where you can’t use a toilet at all, such as on long car trips or other locations away from home or from safe toilets to use.

Storing a children’s unisex urinal in your child’s trip bag will give you the extra flexibility to ensure you have a way for your child to go and continue their potty training without having to use a diaper (or replace a diaper.) Because of the design, they can be stored in bags, or tucked away in the car, or when at home placed in a drawer or closet easily.

Hospital or Medical Use

Sometimes medical emergencies happen, and your child may end up needing a stay at the hospital. The use of a children’s unisex urinal that is portable means they have something they are used to when needing to go to the bathroom, and they can avoid using hospital urinals which may be intimidate them and be a detriment to toilet training progress.

Unisex urinals are easy to clean, and have snap shut lids to avoid unfortunate spills after it has been used. The plastics used are safe around children, and many come with multiple character attachments for the top, so you can customize to which one your child enjoys the most.

If you are looking for a good quality and portable children’s unisex urinal, then order the Uriwell today!

Original price was: $29.95.Current price is: $7.95.
Original price was: $29.95.Current price is: $7.95.

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