Uriwell Personal Toilet Solution

Compact, Portable Solution for Personal Toilet Needs

Uriwell Unisex Toilet

Uriwell personal toiletThere are times that having access to a compact, portable solution for personal toilet needs is crucial. Perhaps you need something small enough to fit discretely into a large purse or a briefcase for use while traveling. Perhaps you awaken during the night with an intense urge to urinate that doesn’t allow you time to walk down the hall to the bathroom.

There are many other times that having a light weight, compact solution for urinary needs is helpful. If you love to camp or fish, are a private pilot who loves to fly small planes, or drive long distances, there often isn’t a restroom facility handy. Or maybe you just don’t like the smell of public restrooms.

There is a solution that is affordable, discrete, and easy to use for either a man or a woman! The Uriwell personal toilet is the result of nine years of research and development to find the ideal solution. It has a corrugated shape which allows it to be compacted and expanded. It is also bendable so that it will flex to whatever position is the most comfortable for the person needing to urinate. The flip-top closure is leak proof, ensuring no spillage while fluid is inside the container, and it can be expanded to full size to hold 750 cc’s of fluid. Because of the tight seal, there is no tell-tale odor emitted, so no one has to know that you have the device nearby.

People who are bedridden and do not wish to awaken their caregivers during the night for simple urination find the Uriwell invaluable. As long as they are mobile enough to safely move into a comfortable position in which to use the Uriwell, it is safe and allows them a degree of freedom previously unavailable to them. These bedridden patients feel much better when they can allow their caregivers to get a good night’s sleep without repeated interruptions and 750 cc’s is large enough to hold urine from the entire night.

Handicapped people, especially those in wheelchairs, find using traditional toilets, even handicap capable toilets, quite difficult. Of course, there are times that it is necessary for them to go through the process, such as when they need to defecate. But the Uriwell provides them an easy, comfortable option for urination. Those handicapped patients in critical or long-term care do not have to wait for a nurse’s aid to arrive to help them urinate; they can simply take care of this personal need themselves, maintaining more of their personal dignity.

Whenever and wherever you encounter situations where finding a traditional urination facility difficult, the Uriwell will solve your problem. Of course, maintaining cleanliness of the portions which touch the body between uses is important, but an inexpensive supply of individually wrapped sanitizing wipes makes this simple and easy. The Uriwell, with proper sanitation using any sterilization product and rinsing thoroughly before being allowed to air dry, can be used again and again, making this one of the most affordable solutions for anyone with the need for a portable urination device.

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