Uriwell, a Great Bedside Aid and Travel Companion

Uriwell personal toiletThe Uriwell, which is the result of years of thorough research and development, is a handy port a john to have around in many different situations. At only 2″ by 5.25″  in size when closed and 2″ by 12.5″ fully stretched, it has a total capacity of 750 cc, or approximately 25 fluid ounces.

Each coil within the body of this device holds approcimately 30 cc of fluid, making it possible to estimate easily how much more fluid can be added before emptying becomes necessary.

The air-tight, secure flip top lid makes the Uriwell virtually spill-proof and also controls unwanted odours. The non-toxic polypropelene material, which has an additional compound increasing elasticity, combined with the easy to use unisex adapter, makes it possible for both males and females to use this relatively discreet potty toilet whenever and wherever with comparative ease.

It should be noted that although the added elasticity makes it possible to shape and bend this device into just about any position, it can take a little practice for females to use the Uriwell sitting down or in a reclining position. Once mastered, however, the Uriwell port a john presents a perfect solution in emergency situations.

When to use the Uriwell

The Uriwell portable toilet is as perfectly suited for bedridden patients otherwise requiring assistance and wheelchair users as it is for wearers of prosthetics with a likelihood of frequent critical urgency.

Truck or other long distance drivers with little or no time to stop to visit a restroom swear by the convenience this device offers, and golfers not wishing to trek back to the clubhouse to visit the restroom appreciate the Uriwell as much as boating enthusiasts and pilots of small aircrafts without a bathroom.

Its size and minimal weight make it a perfect companion to pack for camping holidays, hiking and other outdoor, wilderness activities with no restrooms about for miles. In these kind of situations, the fact that there are no additional bags, etc to dispose of immediately after use is obviously an additional benefit.

The Benefits of the Uriwell

The benefits of this device are its convenience and ease of use whenever it is not possible to get to a restroom in time. Whether ill in bed, tied to a wheelchair without help at hand or simply too far away from the nearest restroom, this device is a personal toilet that can be used by anyone.

It is a cost-effective, well designed and convenient device suitable for camping, sporting activities and most other situations, which can be easily stored without fear of spillages or unpleasant odours until is becomes possible to empty and clean it ready for the next use.

There are few other products that are this convenient at such competitive prices. Anyone who is likely to regularly or even occasionally find themselves in any kind of situation where no restrooms are accessible or quick relief is required should consider adding this device to their must have shopping list.

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