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Truckers’ portable toilets are almost a requirement for the trucker that wants to get as many miles behind him or her as possible. Pulling off an interstate highway, locating one of the clean public bathrooms or rest stops, pulling back on the road and regaining speed takes time. With laws limiting how many hours can be driven in a day, every trucker wants to optimize the hours on the road.

It’s sad to see the faces of women and men desperate to urinate trying to reach the next truck stop or rest stop. Holding urine for long periods of time is really not healthy either. One solution for truckers is the use of external catheters for male. These devices can provide a way to experience comfort when you really need it.

The male condom style catheter is worn externally just like a condom, with plastic tubing set which runs to the urine collection bag worn discretely on the leg. The complete kit for men is the Stadium Pal. The female external catheter has a leak-proof pouch which fits closely to the body, allowing urine to be delivered using the same style plastic tubing and collection bag. The complete kit for women is the Stadium Gal.

The external catheter collection bag can be reused and lasts a long time, provided it receives proper care and handling. The parts of the condom style catheter that touch the body are not reused for hygiene reasons, but replacement parts are affordable enough that you can use them daily without breaking your budget. No more worries about having another cup of coffee because it will result in added rest stops. No more feeling of being desperate to urinate before arrival at the next exit.

Another great solution for male or female truckers’ portable toilets is the gel TravelJohn. This unisex devise with a bag inside a bag design, works for men, women or children. As soon as liquid contacts the gel inside the bag, the contents become solidified. The bag can be used until it is full and a volume indicator is visible so you don’t have to worry about overflow. No matter how many bumps on the road you’re traveling, this product will hold the waste product safely inside until you are ready to dispose of it properly. These bags are small, light-weight, non-toxic and affordable. These are more affordable for females than the external catheter solution.

Some unisex portbable toilets can be reused after they are cleaned. The GoPlilot is a system that has its owm holding tank.

Truckers’ portable toilets remove the need to locate public restrooms or rest stops for normal urination need. Sure, you should take rest breaks to be sure you are alert and prevent muscle cramps, but the breaks can be planned around other events than needing to urinate desperately.

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