TravelJohn Portable Urinal a Must for every Cars Glove Box

The Travel John is the ideal portable urinal for a car

Disposable Portable UrinalImagine the scene: a family is traveling along a major highway and all of a sudden a little voice in the back of the car pipes up with: ‘I really need to go NOW’. Nine out of ten times this will happen somewhere impossible to stop with no restroom in sight for miles to come.

Every parent in the world knows that feeling of momentary panic, the pleas to hold on just a little longer and the wails growing in volume as the miles fly by without a restroom coming into sight any time soon.

Especially with fairly young children not quite able to hold on for too long just yet, this used to result either in wet clothing and seats or impossible juggling with potties and carefully balanced children at risk of breaking their little necks by falling off them or being thrown about in the car if the need to break should suddenly arise.

Travel John to the Rescue

Fortunately, Travel John Portable Urinal is the perfect solution for this sort of emergency. The TravelJohn portable urinal is sold in handy packs of three 2″ by 2″ by 5″ folded units, which unfold to 5″ by 9″ port a johns when needed. The total capacity per bag is 28 oz, or 800 ml of fluid.

These portable urinals are suitable for children of all ages, as well as adults, and present the perfect potty toilet while on the move with young children. Quickly unfolded and handed over, or placed simply into position while the child is safely held on Mom’s lap, the TravelJohn potty toilet prevents disasters with ease and in a most hygienic way.

Adults find them perfect for camping and other outdoor leisure activities, such as fishing trips, hiking or hunting, for instance; at work (especially for truck or taxi drivers, crane operators or small aircraft pilots) or during times when illness does not allow an individual to leave their bed to visit a restroom without assistance.

Basically, the TravelJohn urinal is perfect in any situation or at any time a restroom can not be accessed.

How the TravelJohn Urinal works

The handy plastic collar serves as a unisex adapter and contains a spill guard preventing back flow, making the TravelJohn portable urinal safe and easy to use for male and female children or adults.

Each unit consists of a strong, puncture resistant plastic bag containing a unique LIQSORB polymer pouch. This pouch instantly solidifies liquids into an odour less, spill and leak proof and non-toxic gel. Used bags can then be safely disposed off in any available waste bin.

A Must for every Car’s Glove Box

The benefits of carrying the TravelJohn portable urinal as an emergency personal toilet are clear. Every family, especially those with young children likely to need a restroom at the most inconvenient times, should have at least one pack of three ready to use in their glove box to prevent much wailing, soiled clothes and time consuming cleaning of car seats.

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