Toilevator Toilet Riser Makes Bathrooms Accessible For Elderly

Toilevator is the ultimate toilet raiser

Toilevator Toilet RiserAs people age, the knees and back lose flexibility. Bending and squatting become more challenging, as does sitting on the toilet. To help, there are several bulky, removable toilet seats for disabled, elderly or handicapped individuals, but the Toilevator offers a less conspicuous option.

What Is A Toilevator?

The Toilevator is a contraption that lifts a bathroom toilet off the ground. By setting a platform below the toilet rather than placing a fake seat on top, the design conceals the fact that any adjustment was made.

By raising the toilet, it’s easier for mobility-challenged people to access the toilet independently. Those who are wheelchair dependent, are going trough physical therapy or need a walker to get around will appreciate the privacy and self-sufficiency that the Toilevator provides. As well, the Toilevator requires no additional cleaning or maintenance.

Instead of topping off your toilet seat with a very evident and bulky attachment, or hiring an overpriced contractor to build a platform, consider adding the Toilevator to your home toilets today.

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