Toilet Paper Rash Issues for Men and Women

For those that don’t have the benefit of a bidet, sometimes you may end up with an irritation or rash that appears after using the bathroom. Don’t worry! There is a good chance that this is just caused by your toilet paper, and it is a common issue that comes to many people in their lives at some point or another. What you need to do next is important though, to try to avoid it continuing so you can go about your day in comfort again.

Toilet Paper and Skin Irritation

This irritation that can happen in your more private areas is called pruritus, which just means an itching of the skin. While it isn’t generally dangerous, if left untreated or ignored it can get worse over time, eventually to the point of debilitating.

The Two Main Skin Irritations

Pruritus Anus

This skin irritation or itch is generally on or around the anus, and can be a very embarrassing situation, since most people are often very private about that part of their body. Pruritus anus can have many causes ranging from inflamed hemorrhoids, anal fissures, irritations due to fecal matter contamination, infections, contact dermatitis, reactions to foods and medications, allergies related to clothing or laundry soap, cancers, or other dermatological conditions. To get proper treatment, you will need to narrow down the exact cause. Don’t be afraid to seek medical attention.

Pruritus Vulva

Obviously, this version affects those with vulvas, and many that do will get at least one episode of vulvovaginitis discomfort at some point in their lives. It is most commonly caused by bacterial, viral, or yeast infections, but can also be caused by contact irritation or allergic reactions. Symptoms include itching, burning, stinging, increased urination, abnormal vaginal discharge, and swelling or redness. You should try to find the exact cause as soon as possible in order to treat it and avoid worsening conditions.

Toilet Paper Rash Issues for Men and Women

Pruritus can actually just be caused by the toilet being used by a person, most likely due to an allergy to chemicals or other ingredients used in the paper’s manufacturing process. Many don’t know that some toilet papers include formaldehyde, which is a major irritant for many people. As well, the dyes, lotions, alcohol, chlorine, peroxides, perfumes, and many other ingredients cause the same problems. So, if you happen to start getting an irritation, think back to when it started and note whether or not you had changed toilet paper brands. You could try rubbing it against another less embarrassing part of your body to see if a reaction appears there.

Once you have determined if the rash and itching issue has come from your toilet paper, it’s time to switch brands. Try unscented, or thinner toilet paper, or one that has fewer ingredients. Also, consider getting yourself a bidet, as that will greatly reduce your need for toilet paper. In fact, with a bidet after a thorough water cleansing, you can use a soft cloth to dry off, and just wash them after each use.

BioRelief Bidets

If you are interested in trying a bidet on your toilet, BioRelief has several models to select from. If unsure about whether you would like one, try out one of the more affordable attachable models, then if you like it you can upgrade to one that includes more features, like hot water options, or an advanced toilet seat bidet.

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