Toepener Hands Free Door Opening

Toepener Hands Free Door OpenerIf you are looking at some of the most successful inventions of recent years, you might have come across the Toepener; a hands-free solution to get in and out of the public bathroom. It was invented by a group of University students, and supported by their professor to help them get started with manufacturing the new product. Loads of buzz is created around theToepener, and it has also been featured by the television of the Twin Cities. Business owners, currently looking for ways to improve their Toepener services and the overall hygiene of their restaurant, hotel are already jumping on the new product. But what does it really do?

The Toepener is extremely simple to use and set up. It is providing a great solution for people with different phobias when visiting public toilets. There are loads of forums and blogs, radio and TV programs created about how germs are transferred by the restroom door handle. And some people have already come up with solutions for that. They either use a bottle of hand sanitizer, or paper towel. With the Toepener all the inconveniences (carrying a bottle in your handbag or getting rid of the paper outside the toilet) can be avoided.

It is likely that businesses starting to use Toepener will see an increase in their figures soon. People with phobias will be confident to use the restaurant’s toilet, instead of rushing home early in the night. They will consume more and go out with larger bills. Also, individuals who have been avoiding busy clubs or pubs because of hygiene concerns will give places using Topener a try. A simple device that costs less than $50 will possibly return its prices in just a day after using it.

The reason why many people avoid busy places is that they don’t trust other people. And you do hear horror stories about individuals who don’t wash their hands after visiting the bathroom. It is a problem we can’t do anything about. Unless the business is using the Toepener, we will have to go with the paper towel solution or the sanitizing gel. And still, if you are using a hand towel, how do you know that the previous person did not touch the one you took and spread their germs on it? The only solution is hands-free photocell systems in the bathrooms for dispensing soap, water, hygienic hand dryers and the Toepener.Hopefully many businesses will get this system installed in the next few years, so we can all go out there and enjoy a great night without worrying about germs.

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