The Types Of Urethral Catheters

Urethral Catheters used for the purpose of draining urine from the body

Speedi Cath Compact Pocket urethral cathetersUrethral catheters are a device that are used by people who may suffer from urinary incontinence or leakages from the bladder that they cannot control, or where retention of urine causes difficulties with complete removal of urine from the bladder. These problems may have been caused by disease, injuries or other problems or are a procedure during certain kinds of surgery. The catheter is inserted into the bladder location through the urethra. There are a number of kinds that are available which have been made for different uses. These may be the urethral catheter, the elbowed catheter, the winged catheter, and the female catheter. They all work in the same way and this is to drain and remove urine from your bladder.

Although they are all urethral catheters they are made for different reasons. The elbowed catheter is a device used in cases of difficulties with a prostate where it has a bend that is able to be maneuvered around a prostate that has become enlarged and that is causing difficulties with urination. A winged catheter comes with what might be called wings or projections that are positioned on the end of the catheter to keep it in place when being used. The female catheter is designed for the female anatomy where it is used to help with relief of incontinence or retention after being inserted through the urethra.

These catheters can be either indwelling or intermittent which are a short term variety. The indwelling type is a more permanent kind such as those that remain in place for a longer period, although they can also be used for a short term period. It comes with a very small inflatable balloon to hold it in place once the device is in position. While the intermittent or short term catheter is used on an as needed basis, as a self insertion to help a person relieve their bladder where they may have problems with retention, they are removed afterwards and do not remain in place as with the indwelling type. These products may be made from various types of materials such a silicone, latex and Teflon, they come in a number of sizes and come as three main varieties which are the straight, Foley and coude tip.

These urethral catheters are generally used with a tube that allows the collection of urine into a drainage bag, this can be emptied when necessary and may also be used to monitor the output of urine for medical checkups or complications. The short term type are usually used to allow a person to relieve themselves in a toilet or pan when the need arises, it is then removed and cleaned for the next time it is needed. All catheters should be used with strict cleanliness to minimize unwanted urinary tract infections and inflammation which may occur with the build up of bacteria. Certain types of catheters allow individuals some freedom of movement where they may be able to resume work or enjoy a better social life with their friends, family, and co-workers.

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