The Top 3 Designs And Advantages Of Bidets

Bliss Bidet Toilet Seat-Side-ControlThere is a a lot more than you think to the Advantages Of Bidets

An increasing number of Americans are rediscovering the 18th century French toiletry innovation called a bidet.  A bidet is a bathroom device that cleans a user’s private areas without the need to reach around.  There are three basic bidet designs:

1)      Autonomous sit-down fixtures

2)      Bidet/toilet combination fixtures

3)      Seat-like attachments that mount upon an existing toilet

All bidets, regardless of design, provide advantages for people with disabilities.  Serious injuries, strokes and a wide variety of health ailments leave victims dependent upon caretakers for assistance in performing their daily general hygiene tasks.  Anyone who has experienced this type of need can attest that there are some bodily functions that should remain private in order to maintain human dignity.

Top 3 Advantages Of Bidets

1)      Improved health and hygiene:  A bidet is more hygienic than the conventional use of toilet paper.  A bidet cleans the user without using their hands.  This reduces contact with disease-spreading germs.  Bidets have been praised by users for preventing vaginal and UTI infections in women, and easing constipation and hemorrhoids.

2)      Comfort, privacy and dignity: No one wants to rely on someone else to help them use the bathroom.

3)      Green technology: Bidets help the environment by cutting down on the need for toilet paper, and they conserve water by reducing the owner’s need for overly frequent bathing.

Are you or a loved one dependent on a caregiver for bathroom assistance?  Are you ready to take your privacy back?  Visit our website’s bidet and toilet seat bidet section: Bidets or pick up the phone and call 1-877-782-3675.

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