The Importance of Fresh Drinking Water Outdoors

Finding Fresh Drinkable Water When You are Camping or in an Emergency

Scientists have long ago discovered the importance of drinking enough water. If you have been following the series: “Bear Grylls: Born Survivor”, you will know that the most important challenge the guy has is finding drinkable water. If you like great outdoors, you might want to find out how to find or purify water to support your survival as well. There are different consequences of not drinking enough water, and chronic headaches can easily be cured by increasing the water intake.

If you have ever read Yoga books, they all emphasize the importance of drinking enough water. It helps your body cleanse itself out, get rid of toxins and it is also said that it is great for your skin. But if you like adventures, like camping in the nature, it might be difficult to get fresh clean water every time. That is why you will need to look for unique and easy solutions to re-vitalize your body and stay fit while enjoying fresh air. There are different ways of getting clean water when you are in the middle of nowhere. If you would like to review your option, we have included some popular products and methods for you to check out.

When you are out in the wild, the first thing you can run out from is water. You need to make sure that you do have a large, clean container to take with you. Not all fresh water from springs and rivers is good for drinking, so even if you know that there will be one nearby, you should not count on it as a reliable source. If you are camping in the summer, there is a chance that you only find a muddy kind of liquid instead of clean water, and that is why a survival kit should always contain either fresh water supplies or water cleansing and purifying tools.

Even if the water looks clean, it can contain water born parasites and diseases, you would like to get rid of. It is also worth checking upstream for animal bodies, as it they can contaminate the water. The most important thing you need to pack in your backpack still is a high quality water purifier. There are many of these in the market, but some experts say that a water filtering system when trying to clean water taken from natural sources is not enough by itself. You will need to treat the water with chlorine about 15 minutes before you drink it, to ensure that all harmful bacteria are destroyed.

You will also want to get a water filter to reduce the weight you carry. These appliances usually weigh a fraction of a liter of water, and can be re-filled as many times as you want to. If there was any disaster in your area, and the water became unsafe to drink, you could also use these appliances at home, in case of emergency.


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