The Causes of Toilet Paper Rash

An itchy bottom can be more than just a temporary inconvenience. It can interfere with your daily routine and even lead to more serious health issues. What is the cause of the itchy, painful rash that is keeping you from living your best life? It feels like a mystery, but it could be something as simple as your toilet paper that is irritating your sensitive regions.

What is Toilet Paper Rash?

First, is a common occurrence that is rarely talked about in polite company. Symptoms of toilet paper rash include irritated skin around the affected area, bumps and sometimes even small sores. The area is very itchy and painful. The itchiness associated with this type of rash is not relieved with scratching. Rash can also sting and feel raw.

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What Causes Toilet Paper Rash?

Toilet paper is often made from a mixture of virgin and recycled paper products. The paper pulp is mixed with water, chemical sulphates and starches to make it strong and absorbent. Bleach and other chemicals are added to make the TP an appealing and bright shade of white. Some toilet paper brands also add artificial fragrance to the final product.

Many people suffer from allergic reactions to one or more of the chemicals found in toilet paper. That allergic reaction surfaces as a nasty rash on your bottom. Both the anus and vulvar regions are susceptible to uncomfortable rash.

Wiping harshly with rough toilet paper can also be the cause of your itchy bottom. Stiff toilet paper can leave micro-tears in the anus area that become itchy and sore. These small abrasions are irritated each time the area is wiped, causing healing to slow down.

Toilet paper rash can become so severe that medicated creams are required to aid in healing. The continued use of the irritating toilet paper makes this process even slower. Untreated, painful sores and abrasions near the anus are perfectly situated to become infected.

Alternatives to Toilet Paper

The most effective way to cure toilet paper rash is to stop using toilet paper altogether. What are the options to toilet paper? Pre-moistened cleansing wipes are made of the same paper as toilet paper and have even more chemicals added to them. They can cause the same irritation as plain toilet paper.

A bidet is the cleanest and healthiest way to clean your bottom after trip to the toilet. Using a bidet will leave your bottom feeling clean and fresh. Bidets clean with a gentle stream of water that then gets flushed down the toilet. The best bidets also include a drying function for use after the area has been cleaned.

There is no worry of leaving small pieces of toilet paper behind or wiping so hard it causes an injury. It won’t take long to feel the effects of quitting toilet paper. Your toilet paper rash will quickly clear up, never to return. You won’t believe that it took you so long to switch to a bidet.

Popular Toilet Seat Bidets

This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page
This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page
This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page

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