The Benefits Of The Waterless Wash Aqua Shampoo Glove

Shampoo Glove that doesn’t need water

Shampoo GloveThe Aqua Shampoo Glove is a water free innovative glove that is designed to offer a water free alternative for washing hair without the use of water. With its specially manufactured design, the shampoo is impregnated in the glove is designed to activate its special ingredients to release moisture when rubbed over the hair after a few minutes. Ideally designed for healthcare establishments, nursing homes, camping adventures, and hospitals, this glove is able to offer many benefits that can promote increased hygiene and cleanliness for all users.

One advantage of this innovative shampoo glove is that it can easily be heated in a microwave to provide additional comfort. It is also manufactured and enhanced with a specially made internal liner that can help to protect the user’s hand from coming in contact with the patient’s delicate skin. This eliminates the need for additional gloves.

Another benefit of this glove is that it fits conveniently over the top of your hand and offers a soft feel to promote easy rubbing of the hair or skin without too much friction. This can help to reduce soreness, especially on sensitive skin. When used it doesn’t require rinsing after use and features self-drying properties that allow for soft and silky results.

The next benefit of the glove is that it is great for senior citizens that may be suffering from a disability, dementia, Alzheimer’s, Hydrophobia or a water fear, or who have become bedridden from an accident or illness. Featuring an easy to use design, it can aid caregivers, and nurses to help lighten workload and give more free time for better care for the patient.

The Aqua Shampoo Glove is designed to be disposed of into any trash can, and should not be flushed down the toilet. When disposing of it, all you have to do is simply place it in a bin, or place it in a plastic bag and then in the bin. This eliminates the need to take water to the patients along with all the necessary linen to dry them.  Cutting the time to clean them in half and saving the energy used to launder the towels and cloths that were used.

The Aqua Shampoo Glove is an innovated and well adaptive washing solution that offers those who require bedside bathing a good hygienic wash without the need for water. Simple, user friendly, and easy to use, they are ideal for most situations making living and cleanliness more enjoyable.

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