The benefits of disposable catheters

Male External Disposable Catheters

Conveen Optima Male External Disposable CathetersFor anyone who has recently been diagnosed with urinary incontinence, the idea of suddenly having to come to terms with the concept of catheters can be somewhat overwhelming.

What a lot of people do not realize is that urinary incontinence can very stressful for those who suffer from it in a social standpoint – while yes, there may be more dangerous ailments out there, urinary incontinence suddenly pulls the rug out from someone’s life in such a way which is not necessarily easy to imagine unless you have it.

The constant worry in social situations can be a huge problem – having absolutely no control over the problem can really make things far worse. It is best to have a long-term solution to this problem, whatever that might be.

The main way in which people deal with incontinence on a day to day basis, especially in a social context, is through using undergarments, adult diapers, or briefs. These are can bulky and uncomfortable to wear, but it does have to be.  There are such a thing as external catheters.  These are simply devices which can be used to channel urine should it discharge involuntarily at all. These devices truly are unique when it comes to functioning in the social world, simply because it takes away the fear of incontinence happening when you are out and about, when it can potentially be embarrassing.

But the main choice that you have to make is with the type of catheter. There are two main varieties of catheter available – long-term and disposable catheters. As you might assume, longer term catheters can be used again and again although it is never advised to use a catheter over and over for risk of infection. Disposable catheters like external catheters on the other hand are different – they are designed to be used once and thrown away once removed.

There are benefits and drawbacks to each of course, but overall it is context-dependent as to which one you would need. If you need a catheter to last you for a long duration in a single sitting, and think you will need it day in, day out – and external catheter would be your best bet. Think of this as more of an investment – you may end up paying more for a higher quality catheter.

External catheters are disposable catheters and designed to be worn for a one time wear period. These tend to be far cheaper simply due to the fact they are not to be used extensively, but can make a really good option for those who do not think they will need a catheter constantly – it makes it easier as a whole to just have ones which you can throw away, instead of having to clean them all the time for further use.

Male External Catheters with an adhesive lining you will not even be able to reuse, just as you cannot reuse a band aid.  Intermittent catheters which are also disposable require a prescription to purchase and those who use them regularly understand that they should not be reused. In 2008 Medicare changed their policy for intermittent catheters so you never have to use the same one twice anyway – you can be issued up to 200 per month.  As a good practice of good hygiene and preventing infections a catheter should only be used one time.

It really does depend on your situation. Your doctor or physician can help you decide which the best choice catheter for your condition and educate you on how to use them.

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