Incontinence Relief with help from a Female Catheter

External Female Catheter Urinary incontinence is a problem which affects many people. Unfortunately this is not always known – at times it is maybe assumed to only be a problem which really affects the elderly, especially those who are bedridden. But this is really not the case – there are huge numbers of people who […]

Mentor Catheters are now under the Coloplast name

Mentor catheters are now produced by Coloplast which acquired the business of Mentor Urology in 2006. The Coloplast supplies a large percentage of the needs and products for people who are afflicted with urinary retention or incontinence. Coloplast took over the entire Mentor line of catheters in additional to their accessories line. Mentor produced the […]

Freedom Catheter from Coloplast

Freedom Catheter made of latex The Freedom Catheter from Coloplast is designed to allow the user a relative amount of freedom in getting around in their normal everyday life. It offers the individual a chance to work, play and have a social existence without the embarrassment of unnecessary accidents happening with urine leakage. This type of catheter […]

Causes of Male Urinary Incontinence

What is Male urinary incontinence? Male urinary incontinence is an inability for men to be able to control and hold urine until it is voluntarily released. Urinary incontinence usually effects people in the later stages of life, and can be caused by a number of different medical and non-medical issues. This condition, thankfully in some […]

Benefits Of An External Catheter For Men

External Catheter for men managing incontinence An external catheter for men is an innovative design and simple to use urinary device which is able to help aid in the drainage of urine from the body when a person can’t get to the toilet in time or suffer from incontinence. These types of catheters also known as condom […]

Using a Condom Catheter: External Male Catheters

  External Male Catheters to manage incontinence External male catheters are an accessible choice when dealing with urinary incontinence. When men have trouble controlling their bladders external catheters can help to contain and regulate the flow of urine, with the catheter and attached urine bag. The placement and shape of the external catheter has coined the […]

Improvements in Male External Catheter

The Male External Catheter has come a long way The earliest known male external catheter was used in ancient times in the form of a reed. The modern day version of the catheter began in the 19th century, invented by Benjamin Franklin. Catheters up till then were rigid tubes with different types of wires and […]

An External Catheter with Adhesive Provides a Better Seal

The right fitting external catheter will feel like you are not wearing one When one becomes incontinent and no longer can retain the urine that the body processes, it may be time to search out a catheter. The old method of using a catheter meant that it had to be inserted into the urinary canal […]

Silicone in Catheters

Silicone catheters are much safer than latex Silicone is one of the most recent additions to improvements in catheters for those with urinary incontinence. They are drainage systems for people who have bladder control problems. The earliest forms of those tools were made from wood or even metal. The introduction of plastic ones quickly led to the […]

Is there danger using a External Catheter for the Male penis?

A proven external catheter for the male The external catheter for the male community has become more convenient to men with urinary incontinence. Urinary incontinence is the damage or loss of muscle control within the bladder that leads to build up or leakage of urine. External male catheters are tubes fitted around the penis to direct and […]