Dealing With Urinary Incontinence in Men

Managing urinary incontinence in men Every day, more and more people are being diagnosed with urinary incontinence. This may not matter to you – you may think that you will never need to have to come to terms with it, that it is simply something which affects older people. The fact is though; urinary incontinence can […]

Finding an External Catheter for Men

Conveen Optima External Catheter for Men If you looking for an external catheter for men there are a few things that everyone should be made aware of. The very first thing to consider is what you need it for – while the use is a simple one, the key element is whether or not you are purchasing […]

Different Urinary Catheter Types

Getting the right urinary catheter Anyone who uses catheters on a regular basis will know that it is not as simple as just buying ‘a catheter’ for whatever problem you may have. There are many different types of catheter that are available to buy, and depending on your problem you will need different ones. Mostly, […]

Why is Silicone Male External Catheter better a than latex?

Silicone Male External Catheter vs. Latex When a male is diagnosed with urine incontinence is bedridden, or in a wheelchair and thus is unable to rise to urinate, a physician or caregiver may say that a catheter is necessary to take care of the urine. However, the antiquated manner of using a catheter has been […]

What are Catheters?

What are Catheters used for? The bladder is a muscular organ that is also hollow and stores urine. It resembles a balloon that expands when the bladder fills with urine. It can hold up to 600ml of urine for close to 6 hours normally. There is a muscle in the wall of the bladder called […]

Why was the TEXAS CATHETER invented?

What is a Texas Catheter? Urological incontinence of males often calls for a catheter to need to be utilized. What is medically known as a Foley catheter is what the hospital will utilize when a patient is bedridden and cannot void urine otherwise, but that means that the catheter is inserted into the urinary canal, […]

Different Types of Catheters Available

Not all types of catheters are the same If you are one of many people in need of using any form of urinary catheter, your first port of call should be to decide which type is best for you. While there is an element of personal choice involved, primarily it is simply based on what […]

Ways to help reduce infection in hospitals

A bedpan liner can help reduce infections in hospitals In hospitals viruses are easily spread from person to person as hospitals are hotbeds for bacterial mutations. Many vulnerable people become infected because many different strains of virus are thrown together with so many doses of antibiotics, vastly accelerating the chances of new strains forming. Some […]

Uriwell Portable Toilet to keep an Incontinence Diary

Uriwell Portable Toilet helps to keep an incontinence diary The Uriwell is a compact portable urinal, easy to use and inexpensive, and desigend for those who have an incontinence diary.  The system is a personal toilet that is extremely useful in those situations of emergency and is designed to assist in all cases.  The product which […]

Portable toilets help with Urge Incontinence

One way to help manage Urge Incontinence Urge Incontinence is a common form of incontinence. This is when a person gets an urgent desire to pass urine and is sometimes unable to hold on and therefore may leak before reaching the restroom. The problem is due to an ‘over active bladder’ sending mixed messages to […]