How well does Toilet Paper really clean?

Do you really feel clean after using toilet paper? Millions of households use toilet paper for their most basic personal hygiene provision. But how effective is the use of rolls and rolls of toilet paper? Does it actually clean up thoroughly enough to prevent health problems? What does the average individual do when they dirty […]

Womens Health and Toilet Paper

Womens health related to toilet paper Oh, the joys of toilet paper! No, really, there are times when an individual simply can’t win. For women in particular, toilet paper can present a minefield of possible complications. There we are, desperately avoiding the scratchy, unkind varieties of toilet paper that have us getting sore and itching […]

Wet Wipes and Toilet Paper in Septic Tanks can cause Problems

Why Toilet Paper in septic tanks don’t mix well Large numbers of households have septic tanks, which typically consist of two main components, namely the actual septic tank and the so-called drain field, or a land drain system. All the waste water drains from the house into the septic tank, which is designed specifically to […]

GoBidet, Easy to Install and Ready for Use

The GoBidet is a simple attachment to your toilet and gives is a bidet function GoBidet is an amazing bathroom tool that encourages good hygiene in toilet use. The device can fit any kind of toilet, whether it is one piece, two piece, elongated or round toilet. It is also available in three finishes, which […]