What is the proper way to clean after a bowel movement?

There are better ways to clean after a bowel movement Everyone has a solution to clean after a bowel movement and most people will choose a method that is the most comfortable for them. The truth is there is no right or wrong way of doing so, as long as the method you choose is […]

Disadvantages of cleaning with dry toilet paper

Cleaning with dry toilet paper is not the answer Although many people continue to use dry toilet paper, I think most will agree that it is not the most effective way to do so. We all know that water is the most effective way to clean our bodies and when it comes to cleaning up […]

How Effective Is Toilet Paper Over Water?

Is toilet paper really the answer, or a bidet toilet seat? Ask yourself this question; if you were cleaning yourself after a bowl movement with toilet paper and you accidentally got waste on your hand, would you simple just wipe it away with toilet paper and go? Of course you wouldn’t! You would wash your […]

Bidet seats are alternatives to traditional porcelain bidet units

If you are thinking about installing a Bidet you may want to consider an Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat instead. Unlike traditional porcelain Bidets which are stand alone devices often situated next to the toilet, Bidet Toilet seats simply replaces your existing toilet seat and converts conventional toilets into Bidets as and when it is required. […]

Excessive use of Toilet Paper clogs Pipes in Homes

Toilet paper seems to be a pretty harmless, safe thing to have around the house. Or so one would think. It does, in fact, present more than just one risk to one’s families health. Apart from the soreness, itching and whatever else it can cause to sensitive areas, the fact that it is often used […]

Wet Wipes can cause Rashes

Wet Wipes can cause rashes just like toilet paper can Wet wipes are being used by many in the belief that they are soothing, provide better cleaning and are generally better for their skin’s well being. People with rashes or hemorrhoids in particular reach for these usually soft, cooling alternatives. While it is true that […]

Toilet Paper and The Environment: How Bidets Solve These Problems

Bidets Help to Protect the Environment Here’s why bidets are better than toilet paper. Toilet paper has, without a doubt, has serious environmental effects. So-called virgin paper, made from trees, calls for an estimate of more than seven million trees a year being cut down just to cope with the demand for toilet paper in […]

Bidets Are Better Than Toilet Paper

Bidets Clean You Better Than Toilet Paper Bidets are better than toilet paper. This is quite a statement and one might well ask “why?”. Allow me to explain. First of all, as hard as everybody tries, there is never a guarantee that the use of toilet paper will actually result in perfect cleaning. It is, after […]

Causes of Toilet Paper Rash

Understanding what causes toilet paper rash Even after cleaning themselves as thoroughly as they possibly can after visiting the toilet for bowel movements, many people are experiencing severe itching and rashes. They assume that this is due to not cleaning up properly and try harder next time, or start using toilet wipes. The more they […]

Bidets Prevent Rashes Caused with Toilet Paper

How to prevent rashes caused with toilet paper Having to go to the toilet is a very natural function essential for our health. How we perform simple personal hygiene procedures afterwards can, however, cause us to develop rashes, piles and even serious infections. But there is a way to help prevent these conditions. Every child […]