Suffer from Male Incontinence? Try These Reliable Products

Generally speaking, men tend to have a much harder time accepting the fact that they must use incontinence products than women. This may be because they associate them with a loss of independence, even masculinity. But the truth is that urine collection bags, catheters, and so-called adult diapers can prevent embarrassing accidents that might exacerbate those very worries. In fact, a reliable incontinence product can increase your confidence and help you lead an active social life well into your golden years. With that in mind, here are a few of the most popular products on the market today.

Incontinence pads

These highly-absorbent products help prevent leakage, control odor, and limit minor skin irritation. They are also quite comfortable, even for men who have never used an incontinence device before.

External catheters

Unlike the hospital catheters that are inserted directly into the urethra, the external catheter rolls over the penis, covering it like a condom. Then when an accident occurs, the urine is transferred through a narrow tube into a drainage bag.

Catheter Video for who can benefit from wearing a male external catheter.

Underpads Many man with incontinence have nocturnal leakage issues. To prevent damage to furniture or mattresses, these waterproof pads can be attached to add an extra level of protection.

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