The Struggles of Having Functional Dependence

Functional dependence stops people from having control of the activities they perform in their daily life; it can be due to age, disease or accidents. Whatever the reason an individual has to depend on others to execute activities most of the people just take for granted. This can develop other problems such as depression and isolation.

It is a struggle for the affected person and the people around like family: the first one might not feel in control of their own life and the caregivers might find it is a load too heavy to carry. 

Having dependence doesn’t stop you from getting food served in bed or taking a ride with a familiar to visit the doctor. One of the most difficult moments in having functional dependence is the restroom time. Having someone else in the space during this private moment can be uncomfortable or embarrassing.

The Struggles of Having Functional Dependence - BioRelief Blog

Fortunately some health care products represent a solution for this problem, impacting positively everyone’s lives but it depends on how serious is the disability they are dealing with.

BioRelief offers a wide range of products for senior care and reduced mobility that can be helpful for people copying with functional dependence. For example:

  • Tub grip
  • Elevated toilet seats
  • Toilet stools
  • Portable bidets
  • Toilet Seat Bidets

These tools definitely become an aid for those with special needs. 

Some people just never feel at ease and can’t help to miss times when they could relieve themselves and keep their private matters private. They see dependence as a difficult period  not to settle for. Getting back your old lifestyle is an attractive opportunity for many and BioRelief offers the best products in the market to help people make it happen. 

Check out some of Biorelief’s products for Senior Care or Reduced Mobility.

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