BioRelief’s Porta Potty Kit – An Essential Item for Tailgating

With football returning in full swing, tailgating has returned, and many people are excited to get out there into the parking lots and enjoy spending time together supporting their favorite teams, sharing some drinks, and having a great meal together before the game.

For those that are organizing their own tailgates, or joining others in the area, there are some essential gear they can bring in to help make the tailgating event better for everybody. The BioRelief porta potty kit is one of them, but let’s first look at other things you need for the big event.

Portable Grill

Nothing is more important at a tailgating party than a good way to cook some great fresh food for all those in attendance. The best solution is to bring a portable grill. Many will opt for a propane grill, a charcoal grill, or even a smoker when wanting to serve burgers, hot dogs, or meats at a tailgating celebration. Grills come in a lot of different sizes, so you can purchase what you need that works with the truck or vehicle you own.

High Quality Cooler

Getting all the drinks and meats to a tailgating party fresh and safe to use means a high quality cooler is needed. Ice and ice packs will be needed for the cooler. Some coolers even come with extra features like built in speakers to make the event even better with some great beats!

Essential Items for Tailgating include Personal Hygiene Items

Tailgating Porta Potty Kit

Something a lot of tailgating get-togethers are missing is a place to privately go to the bathroom. Some stadiums offer porta potties outside, but if meeting somewhere without those – or to avoid the unsanitary conditions and long lines – there are other options available to deal with bathroom needs without losing privacy.

The BioRelief complete tailgating porta potty kit gives the option for tailgaters to do their business without having to wait for long porta potty lines or wait until they are in the stadium. A full kit comes with:

  • A privacy tent
  • A foldable commode chair
  • Zip lock solid waste collection bags
  • Antiseptic wipes (hygiene first!)
  • Toilet tissues
  • Pack of Urinelles (for the ladies, if they don’t want to sit down to pee.)

With a porta potty kit, tailgaters no longer need to worry about the often unsanitary porta potties that have been used by hundreds of other people already that day. All that is needed for a tailgating privacy porta potty is a 4’ x 4’ area, which is normally easy to find in a parking lot.

Hand Sanitizer and First Aid Kits

Accidents are always bound to happen, so having first aid kits on hand for a tailgating party is almost always a must, especially when there are potential burn hazards with portable grills. As well, with recent world events, sanitization is more important than ever, so it’s always good to have a decent supply of good hand sanitizer around, especially when passing around drinks and food, or using a porta potty.

Tailgating is one of the great American traditions when it comes to football, or most stadium games. Bringing the essentials is a must to ensure a great time is had by all.

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