Stadium Pal Can Be Used on Flights

Stadium Pal helps men to travel across country and around the world

Stadium Pal Kit MiniWhen people first hear of the Stadium Pal and what it is they immediately get images of men drinking beer and sitting in their seats watching a football or baseball game. The name behind it suggests just that! But our customers have thought outside the box more so than we did. In fact, it has opened doors for many men who couldn’t enjoy life the way many other men do. Some men as they get older experience urinary incontinence and can’t go 20 minutes without looking for a restroom.  This could be because of prostate recovery, and because of certain medication. It’s a very frustrating thing because just 20 minutes ago they had to go and empty their bladder, now they need to go again.  Depending on where they are and what they are doing it becomes a never ending challenge.  And they aren’t laughing about it.

Traveling – Help with Incontinence or Fear of Flying

One area that the Stadium Pal has opened the door for men is when it comes to travel.  Not just in a car but on a airplane.  Getting up out of your seat and asking the people in your row to get up every 20 minutes can be a little embarrassing. So the Stadium Pal allows you to comfortably seat in your seat and not have to bother the other passengers. There is nothing dangerous or hazardous about it, so when you need to pass through TSA security simply let them know beforehand that you are wearing a leg bag for medical reasons and they will not be any issues.

A Better Choice Than Undergarments

The Stadium Pal is about freedom from the hassle of looking for a restroom when it’s just not convenient to you or to others.  The best thing about it is that it is so discreet that no one will know you have it on.  The other option is to wear an undergarment, but those are bulky and get very hot to wear.  Not to mention they are not comfortable like the Stadium Pal.

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