Stadium Pal and Stadium Gal

Stadium Pal / Stadium Gal Make Sporting Events More Fun!

Avoid a Common Cause of a Urinary Infection Experienced After Sporting Events

Stadium Pal Kit MiniDid you know that a cause of a urinary infection can often be holding urine during sporting events for long periods of time? Some people do not like to use public restrooms or urinals while others may experience the need to frequently urinate. Who among us hasn’t had to leave watching football, urinate after waiting in a long, slow-moving line at the stadium, and rush back to our seats only to learn that the play of the day was missed?

Another time that finding a clean public restroom isn’t convenient is when you are hosting the ultimate tailgater party. Tailgating before the game is an American tradition and the nearest restroom may be quite a distance away.

People who have had urinary tract problems, especially men with prostate problems, may find themselves having to rush to the bathroom to urinate all too frequently to really enjoy a sporting event. Whether your favorite sport is NASCAR racing, football, basketball, soccer, or some other sport, you don’t want to pay the cost of tickets only to spend half the event in line to use the public restroom or urinal.

Personal hygiene is important and responding to the urge to urinate should not be put off for too long. It can cause infections, bladder cramps and medical problems. A very effective and comfortable way to enjoy the events you attend is to make use of devices like the Stadium Pal for men or the Stadium Gal for ladies.

The Stadium Pal is used by men to prevent trips to the urinal. This non-latex external male catheter is worn just like a condom – and just as comfortably – while urine is passed through a plastic hose and collected into a heavy-duty plastic bag attached to the leg with latex-free straps. Since the collection bag for the Stadium Pal can be worn on the inner calf, it is undetectable under slacks. The large collection container holds 1,000 milliliters of urine, allowing you to avoid the restroom line for the duration of most sporting events. And no one else ever has to know that you are using a Stadium Pal!

The Stadium Gal is made for ladies who want to avoid those, often crowded and dirty, public restrooms for long periods of time or for times that a restroom simply isn’t available. Using the same concept as the Stadium Pal, the Stadium Gal is made to fit outside the female body snugly and leak-free, collecting urine in a large, heavy-duty container.

These external catheters are fantastic options for people who love sports, fishing, hunting or need to drive for long distances. Anywhere you go that finding a public restroom conveniently might be a challenge, the Stadium Pal / Gal is just what you need to avoid one cause of a urinary infection – holding urine for too long. It prevents embarrassment for those people who experience other urinary problems as well. You’ll never again have to experience anxiety over not getting it to the restroom in time again.

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