Stadium Pal and Stadium Gal Portable Urinal

Stadium Pal Portable Urinal

Everybody knows that feeling of not wanting to leave one’s seat at sporting events to go to the restroom. By the time a person has waited in line for ages, has relieved themselves and rushed back to their seat, something vital will have happened in the game. Unless they had portable urinal.

In addition, many do not like the thought of going to often not entirely sanitary public restrooms, while others need to urinate quite frequently and would miss most of the game through frequent visits to restrooms.

Those that do go often find that long waits and using public restrooms have ultimately caused them to contract urinary infections. Fortunately, bladder cramps and infections caused by holding on for too long are no longer necessary, thanks to Stadium Pal for gentlemen and Stadium Gal for the ladies.

Stadium Pal, which recently featured on truTV, is a discreet external male catheter. Made from non-latex material, thus preventing allergies, it is worn similar to a condom and connects to a heavy duty collection bag, which is attached to the inner calf with non-latex straps.

Being totally undetectable underneath slacks, the 1,000 ml capacity of the bag allows wearers to avoid multiple visits to the restroom for just about any sporting event.

Stadium Gal is the female version of this handy external catheter system. Fitting snugly outside the female body, it is leak free and avoids having to find a restroom in often inconvenient places, never mind having to use crowded, dirty restrooms.

External catheters are not only an excellent solution for sporting events, but are useful for people anywhere, whether hunting, fishing, shopping or having to drive for long periods. Tailgating parties, an American tradition usually involving a lot of planning, no longer need to be missed by trying to find a long line one can wait in to visit the restroom.

Whether spending hours in the air as a Para-glider, taking part in the Iron Butt motorcycle rally, enjoying the Mardi Gras or New Year’s Eve in Times Square, the need to look for a restroom will no longer be a worry for individuals taking advantage of either Stadium Pal or Stadium Gal.

With all these and many more uses, one could almost forget its actual use, namely as an aid for those suffering from incontinence. They are a worthwhile alternative to pads or the invasive catheters usually employed

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