Small Plane pilots can benefit using Uriwell

Small Plane Pilots need a portable urinal

Uriwell portable urinal for small plane pilotsSuitable for both male and females the unisex Uriwell device comes with a carefully constructed adapter which is safe, clean and easy to use. It has a seal tight cap which makes it airtight, free from unpleasant odors and virtually spill proof. The product which has been carefully manufactured and well researched over 9 years and has been specially made using a non-toxic polypropylene materials allowing elasticity in the device, this enables it to bend into any direction for easy usage.

The corrugated Expandable construction creates a simple and discreet storage option whilst the expandable capacity is designed to allow up to 750cc (roughly 25 ounces of liquid) with each coil holding a maximum 30cc of liquid content.

For small plane pilots the Uriwell is an absolute necessity. Small aircraft do not usually have toilets and when the urge to pass urine suddenly occurs the plane cannot simply do a ‘pit stop’ like on car journeys and therefore options are limited. Let’s not forget that being up in the air and trying to use the toilet is not an easy task anyway. It can be quite tricky at times, trying to man-oeuvre around during a flight! And the impact is far more intense on smaller aircraft. The Uriwell is absolutely beneficial for small plane pilots with its easy usage that is spill proof and airtight and the seal tight cap prevents any spillage providing instant relief in a hygienically friendly way for them. Some pilots have already tried using the Uriwell and have come to realize how effective it can be, “I am a pilot on a SM plane & cannot just run into any bathroom, works great and is light weight & compact. A must for anyone who flies off the pattern, said one product reviewer another said, “I have been looking for the ideal device for years. I am a pilot and this is the best solution I have ever seen. Thanks.”

The Uriwell portable urinal is extremely useful in those situations of emergency and is designed to assist in all cases including situations where Illnesses can confine a patient to bed like Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and dementia to name but a few. On the other hand many patients may be refined to bed temporarily as a result of a temporary illness, injury, or surgery therefore necessitating the use of a bedside aid. Beneficial persons include bedridden people who will be free of specific assistance, handicapped, wheelchair bound and those with prosthetic who live with a degree of critical urgency likelihood. Others who could benefit from the system include Truck drivers, Boat enthusiasts, Golfers, hikers and all wilderness activities also children who are potty training and are out and about and campers.

The Uriwell has been designed to be hygienic and clean without compromising on comfort. It can provide that instant relief, peace of mind and freedom you desire when being unable or refrained from using a restroom for a prolonged period of time.

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