Simplifying Fluid Management with Efficiency and Odor Control

Fluid management is a critical aspect of institutional and home care settings, requiring efficient and hygienic solutions. The Gelmax Water Soluble Pouch offers a simple yet effective approach to fluid management, relieving caregivers of menial tasks and providing safe and pleasant clean-up methods. With exceptional absorbency and odor control, this innovative product is a valuable asset in various healthcare scenarios.

This product is suitable for use in various small containers such as urinals, suction bags, vials, vomit bowls, and pouches. The water-soluble pouch, made from sodium acrylate, quickly dissolves upon contact with any liquid, activating the powder inside to solidify the liquid. This feature simplifies the clean-up process, saving time and effort for caregivers.

One of the standout features of the Gelmax Water Soluble Pouch is its super absorbent nature. The powder inside the pouch, when activated, can absorb up to 459 times its own weight in liquid. For example, a 7g packet can absorb up to 500ml of urine within seconds. This high absorbency ensures effective containment of fluids, reducing the risk of leaks or spills, and providing a reliable solution for fluid management in various care settings.

Maintaining a clean and odor-free environment is crucial in healthcare settings. Contains an odor-neutralizing formula that effectively controls unpleasant odors. Whether dealing with urine, liquid stool, or vomit, the active ingredients in the powder work by slowing down the decay process of urea into ammonia. This not only helps control odors but also reduces the risk of germ spread, contributing to a hygienic and safe environment.

Also, it presents a valuable solution for fluid management in institutional and home care settings. With its exceptional absorbency, odor control, and hygienic properties, this innovative product simplifies clean-up tasks and enhances caregiver efficiency. Its versatility and economical usage make it suitable for various healthcare scenarios, ensuring reliable fluid containment and minimizing the risk of germ spread. 

Incorporating the Gelmax Water Soluble Pouch into your care routine can improve hygiene, save time, and promote a more pleasant environment for everyone involved.

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