SheWee assists ladies who cannot be seated without support

Shewee gives a hand to ladies who have trouble sitting

SheWee Portable Urinary DeviceMany ladies with mobility problems will often struggle to be seated onto a toilet without support and require support from a caregiver. Not a very pleasant situation for them to be in.  But choices are limited.

However, there are products available to assist those who requires additional support with toilet matters like the ‘Toilet safety frame’ and the ‘Raised toilet seat’ for example. Both can be very beneficial in helping the individual who struggles to bend or sit on low surfaces but both still require the individual to sit. For many elderly ladies sitting can be extremely difficult due to age or medical conditions.

The SheWee Portable Urinary Device was designed to allow women to urinate while standing and without the need to remove clothing. It is basically a sturdy plastic hand-held device which is placed against the body and acts as a sort of funnel, allowing urine to pass through and into the toilet or receptacle. SheWee Portable urinary devices provide steady, clean and discreet support for women who’d rather urinate while standing. SheWee comes in a very handy carry bag keeping the product completely hygienically safe and ideal for transportation and best of all it can be rinsed off and used again.

SheWee portable urinary device will provide assistance for any woman who cannot be seated without support, because she no longer has to. Therefore SheWee gives back independence and privacy to the individual.

SheWee can provide freedom for women in many other situations too, it is ideal for camping, walking, climbing and skiing as it means women no longer have to awkwardly squat with the risk of accidents happening. Clothing does not have to be removed from the waist down, bare bottoms galore! It is also ideal for long journeys and traveling with children and for women who have to provide urine samples for medical reasons, to pee in a pot is never an easy task!

As many women would agree public toilets are never the most hygienic of places to be in, the thought of sitting on public restroom toilet seats often fills many women with dread and therefore they are faced with having to squat over the loo, which can be quite tricky! SheWee portable urine devices give women the option to be able to stand up comfortably to urinate into the toilet without the need of sitting on it.

SheWee portable urine devices works well for any situation and with whatever toilet is used whether it’s made for male or female. Every woman can benefit from using the SheWee it’s simple, safe and effective.

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