Sewer Solution Is The Answer To RV Waste Removal Needs

Sewer Solution replaces our old Stinky Slinky

Sewer SolutionWhether you are a retiree, a traveling family or just an adventurer, having an RV gives you the freedom to explore the country and beyond. There are still responsibilities with RV upkeep, though, so if you are an RV owner, you are well aware of the need to properly deal with waste buildup.

Sewer Solution is a great tool to help with tank expulsion and cleaning. The system comes with an adapter to help fit any recreation vehicle and uses highly pressurized water to remove human waste and help break down other materials that may be located in the tank, including toilet paper, female hygiene products and flushable baby wipes.

Sewer Solution is odor-free and doesn’t run on electricity, so it is virtually noiseless while also helping to reduce energy usage. One of the best features of Sewer Solution is that after the pump has done its job and the tank has been emptied of waste, it will clean itself. The system rinses the sewer pipe, hose and pump to expel bacteria and germs.

Having to deal with the sewage aspect of your RV trip is a dirty job, but with Sewer Solution, it becomes easier and more hygienic.

To learn more about Sewer Solution or other products that are great for camping and travel, call BioRelief today at 1-877-782-3675.


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